Sotiropoulos: Decisions Will Be Biased for Years to Come

By Staff Dec 27, 2010
George Sotiropoulos, on “The Savage Dog Show,” discussing the state of judging in MMA:

“It’s horrific. You find out the decision, and all sorts of thoughts are going through your head. You don’t know how they scored it, whether it’s biased, a combination of both, and anybody can fall victim to it. … But the reality is, how do you get competent judges who clearly know what jiu-jitsu is, who clearly know what wrestling is, who clearly know what boxing is or muay Thai? There’s so many variables and different styles in this sport, you can’t have a judge that came from boxing, for example, or jiu-jitsu, for example. I think the judges need to be competent in all areas, and those judges don’t exist yet because the reality is that the contemporary MMA fighter, they’re the most well-rounded athlete on the planet right now. Those guys aren’t going to be judging events until later in their lives. There’s going to be a time delay from now until then, until referees and [judges] are fully well-rounded. I think you’re going to have biased decisions in judging for years to come.”
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