Split Decision: UFC 102 Edition

By Jake Rossen Aug 29, 2009
Some bullet points for Saturday’s UFC 102 card and their likely counters. And yes, this is more or less playing my own Devil’s advocate. Call a doctor.

Randy Couture hung with Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza in a grappling tournament and didn’t get submitted. Antonio Nogueira won’t catch him.

But: There’s no striking in grappling -- similar to the no-crying-in-baseball-rule; punching Nogueira leaves Couture open for a different set of problems, as well as the additional 50 lbs. of horsepower than middleweight Souza.

Demian Maia has submitted nearly everyone he’s fought.

But: Ed Herman and Chael Sonnen get trapped with the regularity of tuna; Marquardt is light years beyond Maia’s previous conquests.

Nogueira has a weakened chin and constitution.

But: Nogueira is under constant pressure by heavyweights who can often end bouts with one blow: anyone -- even Mark Hunt -- can get knocked out if the timing and force is right. (And Nogueira’s lights have never gone totally out.)

Keith Jardine is a high-level journeyman too inconsistent to ever be a champion.

But: He’s only been blown out of the water twice in recent memory -- and spent most of his time defeating Chuck Liddell, Forrest Griffin, and Brandon Vera, which is one of the most impressive victims list in the division.

Chris Tuchscherer’s hair appears to be the result of electrocution.

But: I’ve got nothing. This is correct.
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