Stock Report: Dream 13

By Mike Fridley Mar 23, 2010

Escovedo-Maeda Photo: D. Herbertson/

Dream 13 is in the books. Here is the stock report:

Stock Up

Cole Escovedo: The former WEC champion won the biggest fight of his career just five bouts removed from a 30-month layoff from a staph nightmare that left him unable to walk. With just one well-placed punt to the face of Yoshiro Maeda, Escovedo is assured more fights on the big stage in 2010.

Bibiano Fernandes: It was razor close just like his last bout with Hiroyuki Takaya, but a W is a W. With the split-decision nod over Joachim Hansen, Fernandes now holds consecutive wins against Masakazu Imanari, Joe Warren, Takaya and “Hellboy.” Fernandes solidified his position in the 145-pound rankings as the highest rated non-WEC fighter on the list.

Karl James Noons: Dominated the well-seasoned Andre Amado for 15 minutes in his first MMA action in 21 months. Let’s not forget this is the man that carved Nick Diaz up something serious just two years ago. Like it or not, Noons is a serious contender at 155 pounds.

Stock Down:

Andre Amado: Taunting your opponent and telling him to bring it on is usually not followed by a track meet in the world of MMA. Noons handed “Dida” his fourth loss in a row.

Yoshiro Maeda: Was having his way with Escovedo until absorbing a punt to the grill that would make Shane Lechler proud.
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