Strikeforce Primer: Carano vs. Cyborg

By Jake Rossen Aug 15, 2009
You may find a number of reasons to dislike women’s fighting -- suspect cardiovascular conditioning, lack of KO power, potential emasculation in knowing any of them would whip your Cheetos-cushioned ass -- but there are few excuses not to be excited at Saturday’s promise of an undisputed female champion.

Joined at the hip since 2007, 145 lb. contenders Gina Carano and Cristiane Santos will finally resolve their status and determine who holds claim to being the toughest lactating human on the planet. You can be reasonably sure Andy Kaufman is very, very glad he never lived to encounter either one.

What: Strikeforce: Carano vs. ‘Cyborg’ from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California

When: Saturday, August 15, at 10:30 PM ET on Showtime

Why You Should Care: Because Carano and Santos are legitimately talented, legitimately scrappy combat athletes who match up in way that guarantees maximum violence; because all signs point to Gegard Mousasi being a big deal in 2010, and Renato Sobral might have something to say about that; because you’re already getting Showtime for “Dexter” -- right? -- and that makes this show the next best thing to free.

Fight of the Night: Oh, come on: Carano vs. Cyborg.

Sleeper Fight of the Night: A streaking Jay Hieron taking on late replacement Jesse Taylor. As callous as it sounds, two guys thrown in together at the last minute -- with no time to tweak preparation to their opponent -- is usually good for an alley fight.

Pre-Emptive Complaint: Prelim contestant Isaiah Hill hasn’t won a fight in over two years and sports a 4-6-1 record. And he’s on a major show?

Hype Quote of the Show: "I try not to schedule fights the week I'll be on my period. Making weight is hard enough and during our period, we may retain around seven pounds of water weight. Plus bruises hurt more, you're bloated and cramping and emotionally, it's tougher to battle through the training.” -- Carano to lucky ESPN the Magazine journalist Ryan Hockensmith
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