Sylvia to Abandon MMA for Boxing?

By Jake Rossen Jun 1, 2009
Fighters Only gives good blurb by quoting former UFC heavyweight Tim Sylvia pondering a permanent move to pro boxing.

"It’s something I've always wanted to pursue and if it works out like I'd like for it too [sic], I can switch over,” he told the magazine. “I don't want to be done with MMA, but the money is a lot better in boxing … I would love to fight some of the heavyweight champs, you know? I mean the paydays are ridiculous!"

Yes, they are, providing you have a rabid country supporting you -- or you’re a densely muscled genetic freak who’s been boxing since puberty. Sylvia has a good reach and credible stand-up skills relative to MMA, but in boxing, he’s going to be channeling Randall Cobb-levels of ineffectiveness.

And worse: 33 is an awfully advanced age to be debuting in anything other than the local softball league. Wisely, Sylvia will ease his way into it by taking on animated corpse Ray Mercer in Alabama June 13. Try not to injure anyone while stampeding to the box office.
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