TUF 11 Sherblog: These Shoes Smell Like Cocaine

By Court McGee May 13, 2010
Obviously, I was a little frustrated with the decision, but I kept my composure. I didn’t want to make an ass of myself. I thought I deserved a third round. I had a feeling, I’d get picked for the wild card, but wasn’t sure.

It didn’t happen exactly like the episode shows it. Me vs. Nick Ring and Joe Henle vs. Seth Baczynski went down on the same night. I was the sixth fight; they were the seventh. Immediately after the fight ended we all showered and were getting ready to leave, but the producers herded us back into the gym. We all sat down, as Dana walked in with a card in his hand. You guys know the rest.

I was dumbfounded that he was giving me an opportunity to fight again and definitely grateful. However, I would have rather fought five more minutes than gotten a free move to the next round. Still, I’m very thankful I can fight again and have a chance to win this whole thing.

At the time, I couldn’t worry about what had already happened. I just needed to focus on sharpening up in practice and finishing the next fight. You know, I never have been offered an extra five grand to finish a guy. In my previous fights, if I was dominating I would stay safe and get the extra cage time. Obviously, you don’t do that in the big show. And then there were a few fights that I just couldn’t finish. There’s always room for improvement.

When Joe Henle and Seth Baczynski fought, the majority thought Joe would lose and it would be one-sided. Joe proved everybody wrong. In the last round, Seth definitely controlled from top, but the first two rounds were back and forth.

It’s funny to see different fighters rituals before they fight. Joe was acting a little quirky. After the fight, Joe mentioned that he had nine or 10 amateur fights -- a sandbagger. But it was smart; this is a competition. Oh, and, I’ll tell you what, Joe makes whole-wheat blueberry pancakes the day of his fights and they rock. Thanks Joe.

After the wildcard pick that brought me back, the next day we had a gnarly cross-fit workout. Sin City Cross Fit came and we did this whole workout with a 20-pound medicine ball and a partner. We didn’t do a lot of leg workouts during the show, except for this one. My legs were sore for a week.

So, in the house we get clothes about every three or four days. Chuck and the coaches brought us some Tapout shoes. You all know about my past with drugs and every once in a while there’s little triggers for me. It can be a smell or someone who resembles somebody from my past. So, they brought all these boxes of Tapout shoes into the room and for whatever reason, the smell of them reminded me of cocaine.

Sometimes, I speak waaay before I think. First thing I said was, “Wow! These smell like cocaine!” Everybody laughed and I acquired a new nickname. Chuck, Antonio Banuelos, and some of the other guys called me Court “F---in’ Gnarly” McGee. Then we went on about our business. This nickname was my favorite. I’ve never been nicknamed until this show. Here are a few of the other ones. “MMAbe” -- courtesy of Rich Attonito -- because of the beard. “Court-panzee,” because of the 76.5-inch reach and 5-foot-10 stature. “The Amish Mormon,” because I am from Utah. I am not Mormon, but my wife is.

Anytime I tell someone I’m from Utah they always ask, “How many wives do you have?” Usually I come back with some smart--s s--t like “Six” and keep a really straight face. The truth is that real Mormons are not polygamists. My wife’s family is Mormon and they’re nice, normal people and very accepting. I love them very much. My wife’s family and my Mom and Dad were the ones who watched over my wife and son while I was gone for 41 days.

The wildcard picks were Kyacey Uscola and Kris McCray. These two guys were happy to get the pick, However, Joe and Hammortree were a little upset. It would’ve been a hard decision. I’m glad I wasn’t the one who had to make it. It sucked for Hammortree because he had the back injury scare. It turns out everything was alright. I think he was really bummed that he didn’t get picked. You could see the disappointment on Joe’s face. He had just fought ten minutes before and was ready to go again. He is definitely a gamer, in my opinion.

Until next week, signing out, Court “F---in’ Gnarly” McGee.

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