TUF 12 Sherblog: Sowing Seeds of Doubt

By Alex Caceres Oct 6, 2010
Alex "Bruce Leroy" Caceres file photo: Spike TV

Episode four was by far one of the most interesting due to the fact that it was pretty much around the time when most people in the house began to hate me.

After our second victory over Team Koscheck, I guess it was time to let “Bruce Leroy” know what was on their mind. As I was walking out to the pool for some post-fight relaxation, Sevak Magakian decided to run his mouth about how I was being classless and disrespectful because of the way I was cheering. Come on, we’re human beings. Forgive me for getting excited, but it was a really close fight between Michael Johnson and Aaron Wilkinson, and everyone was yelling and on the edge of their seats.

I guess I forgot I was dealing with virgin ears and shouldn’t have been cursing, although, in my fight with Jeff Lentz, it was Sevak who was screaming out things to me in a distinct Neanderthal voice: “Get out while you can” and “There’s still time to run.” Basically, he was saying I had no chance, but, hey, I didn’t complain.

Anyway, Sevak ran his mouth, and instead of whispering behind his back, as he was doing to me, I approached him, called him out on it and told him to eat a d--k. Not until I began to walk away did he start screaming. He threw a napkin at me, which only made it half the distance, and I guess he tried to look as threatening as possible by running up to me and throwing a chair to the floor, only to stop five feet shy of where I was standing.

When he noticed me holding my ground, he let Nam Phan catch him, pretended he was being held back and went on screaming, even as I laughed at him and his futile attempt to strike fear into me. It was ridiculous. I won’t get into the details, but they contradict themselves many times before the show ends.

File Photo: Spike TV

Andy Main
On a more important note, our team retained our right to pick the fights, and we chose Kyle Watson to take on Andy Main. We were very confident in our selection. Kyle is just more well-rounded, and we thought it would be an easy win for Team St. Pierre. We also knew they didn’t take Kyle too seriously because he was the oldest guy in the house. They doubted he had gas in the tank and fire in the belly. Boy, were they in for a surprise.

When the fight began, Kyle and Andy came out swinging. Both landed some good shots. Andy took his back for nearly the entire round once the distance was closed, but Kyle remained calm and avoided the submission. Eventually, he threw off Andy, landed on top and ended the round with some ground-and-pound.

In the second round, they again came out throwing hands. Almost immediately, Kyle shot in and delivered a takedown. After that, it became a jiu-jitsu match in which Kyle had a clear advantage.

Ultimately, he notched the victory with a rear-naked choke. Team Koscheck, especially Josh Koscheck, was devastated. He kicked chairs and threw water bottles in anger.

It felt good to go up 3-0. We had definitely planted a big seed of doubt into the Team Koscheck garden.
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