TUF Crowd: Madsen Sees Red, Sims Defends ‘Wins’

By Sherdog.com Staff Sep 17, 2009
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Were you surprised the fight wasn’t stopped in the first round with the amount of blood that was pouring out of Abe Wagner? What was going through your head seeing all that red and did referee Steve Mazzagatti say anything about stopping the fight?
-- Paul in Phili

Jon Madsen : I actually was a little surprised. I thought damn, you’re gonna have to kill somebody to get them to stop the fight. There was nothing I could do though, but keep on fighting.

As far as the amount of blood, I was definitely feeling it. I had blood in my eyes, in my mouth –- I had it all over. It was kind of gross. I could taste copper. You could definitely smell it. It was getting slippery and I knew it wasn’t pleasant, especially with all the red. I was just thinking to put him away. He’s cut, he’s dazed, try to finish the fight.

Steve Mazzagatti never said a thing to me about stopping the fight and I never hard him say anything about that.

We got so many interesting questions, that we decided to squeeze a second one in.

Is Wes Sims crazy? Tonight on TUF he said that he was the only man to beat Frank Mir twice. I thought something was weird so I checked his record on your site and sure enough, it said that he had actually lost twice to Mir. I went back and watched the fights again, and the fights results are as reported on your site, that he has actually lost to Mir twice. Now I'm just trying to figure out if he doesn't remember the fights, or if he has just decided to lie to America on national TV. Can someone please clear this up, especially for the others out there just as confused as myself? -- Cesar

Wes Sims: Obviously, a big fan that has to go back and watch those fights is a newbie to the sport. He’s one of those TUF fans, because everybody that watched UFC 43 knows that I won that fight. I took a poll from Vegas all the way back to Ohio, every biker bar on the way home I stopped at and they all said the same thing: The last man standing –- that’s your winner.

The second time? That’s very questionable. At worst, I’d say no contest. It was so controversial; they fired “Big” John McCarthy over it. That’s true. He’s no longer there, is he? Wes Sims is not a liar.

Editor’s Note: Take note of another Sims’ quote from the first episode: “I never let the truth get in the way of a good story.”

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