Tara LaRosa Wants to See Ronda Rousey vs. Marloes Coenen, Sara McMann

By Sherdog.com Staff Nov 9, 2012

Tara LaRosa, on “Rewind,” discussing whom she’d like to see fight Ronda Rousey:

“I don’t know, but honestly I think that a grappling specialist is going to be the person that comes closest or eventually takes Ronda out. … I’d love to see how Marloes Coenen does against Ronda. Marloes has a terrific ground game. She has a very good ground game. Even though we saw her get submitted by Miesha [Tate], she’s been around for so long. Marloes has been training and fighting longer than I have and I started in 2001. … Sara McMann, the [silver] medalist in wrestling in the Olympics -- this would be a terrific matchup. Two Olympic medalists who have similar backgrounds. I think it would be awesome. I would love to see if Rousey can get Sara to the mat and what would happen if so. I’ve trained with Sara McMann before. She is freaky strong. She is so strong. I can’t get her down, but I’m not an Olympic-level athlete. I don’t know. That’s a very interesting matchup right there.”


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