Top 5 Forum Threads of the Week

By Luca Fury Jan 7, 2012
The most discussed topics this week in the Sherdog forums include the biggest upset of 2011, Strikeforce-UFC heavyweight dream matchups and the best UFC fighter of all time.

Career Slide Following a Title Shot
While almost all fighters go on a sizable win streak prior to being granted a title shot, there are also a fair amount that go on a downward spiral after getting their shot at MMA gold. This thread takes a look at fighters who have suffered this unfortunate fate.

MMA’s Top 15 Strikers
From the muay Thai of Anderson Silva and the boxing of Junior dos Santos to the karate of Lyoto Machida and the kickboxing of Alistair Overeem, MMA has been a showcase for many fantastic strikers. Here, fans analyze the top 15 strikers in the sport’s history.

2011’s Biggest Upsets
As is the case every year in mixed martial arts, 2011 had its share of big upsets, and his thread asked which was the biggest. Do you have one you would like to add?

Strikeforce vs. the UFC
Now that the Strikeforce heavyweight division is being dissolved into the UFC, many dream fights that fans have been hankering to see are now possible. Here, fans share which ones they would like to see the most.

Greatest UFC Fighter Ever?
The Ultimate Fighting Championship has been home to some of mixed martial arts’ greatest talents. Legends of the sport like Anderson Silva, Matt Hughes and Frank Shamrock have all competed under the UFC banner, but who is the best fighter to ever step foot in the Octagon? You can share your thoughts here.

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