Trainer: Barry ‘More Gruesome’ Than Normal

By Staff Jan 21, 2011
Trainer Duke Roufus, on “Beatdown,” discussing Patrick Barry’s disposition heading into his matchup Saturday against Joey Beltran:

“Pat’s a little darker, I’ve noticed recently. Pat’s in a unique spot. It’s hard for some of these guys. … No one can actually imagine being a star in America. What happens is, sometimes these guys are so popular, but there is a downside to being popular because your fans are always telling you what you should have done, do this more, do that. They have the audacity to be like, ‘You didn’t want to win that fight?’ ‘No, I didn’t. I just fell down and did a dive.’ … I think right now Pat’s going to isolate himself into a spot where he’s in a very dark place. I’ve only seen Pat like this for one fight before and the outcome for his opponent wasn’t good. … Pat with his back against the wall is a dangerous guy. When he fought Antoni Hardonk too. That’s the funny thing about Pat. Pat with his back against the wall, the so-called one loss in a row, it scares guys. Everyone’s afraid to get cut from the UFC. Your life changes when you’re no longer a UFC fighter. I think that being said, I just think that Pat’s coming in here a little bit darker and more gruesome than normal.”
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