Trainer: Brock Lesnar Would Still Be a Huge Draw

By Staff Jan 17, 2014

Greg Nelson, on “Beatdown,” discussing whether Brock Lesnar would still be a big pay-per-view draw if he returned to MMA:

“I believe so because no matter what, I still think that people would want to see what does Brock have still. He’s still now associated with the WWE, or whatever branch of it, enough that those people are now getting pulled in because he’s kind of doing this almost like a pseudo-MMA version in there now. … He kind of comes in like he’s an MMA fighter, and so people have seen that in the WWE world. Think about how many people are attached to that genre and they’re going to buy and they’re going to want to see what Brock Lesnar can do as well as people who either want to see him get beat up again or who want to see if he’s really got what it takes. I think he would still be a huge draw.”

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