Truth in Advertising: Lashley Expects ‘Train Wreck’ vs. Sapp on Saturday

Though there are exceptions, fighters -- especially those in the upper-tier of competition -- tend to stick to canned-ham answers when it comes to event promotion. They’re coming to win. They’re prepared. They’re at 100 percent. (And by sheer coincidence, none of those statements usually hold up in a loss: They were injured. They were at fifty percent. No one is ever, ever just outclassed.)

So credit to Bobby Lashley for calling it like it is. In an interview with attending media in Biloxi for Saturday’s “Ultimate Chaos” program, Lashley shrugged and admitted that his main event with Bob Sapp is likely to be a “train wreck” of epic proportions.

"Let's be honest, this fight is going to be a train wreck,” he said. “It's two guys going out there to bang, and it's not going to take three rounds to do it, either.”

No. No, it won’t. The under/over on this thing should be roughly 75 seconds. And that includes ring entrances. But Lashley’s candid comments are a welcome diversion from the norm.
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