Tyron Woodley Expects Georges St. Pierre to Fight Again

By Sherdog.com Staff Mar 13, 2014
Tyron Woodley, on “Beatdown,” discussing whether it bothers him that he may never get to fight Georges St. Pierre:

“It definitely bothers me and it bothers me for the exact reason you say. It’s not a question -- he’s the best welterweight that’s ever fought in mixed martial arts. He’s the reigning champion. He went through two different generations of fighters. … I think for him, he has nothing to prove to anybody. He did what he needed to do as a champion. It sucks that I would never get to fight him if he doesn’t come back because you can’t really say that you’re the best when you watch a guy like that reign over the division for so long and then you never get to measure yourself against him. … I never thought GSP was unbeatable. Actually, in my opinion, Johny Hendricks is a tougher matchup for me than GSP is style-wise. I think that to me, he was never an invincible foe and I never thought of him as being unbeatable. It’s kind of a bummer not to get the chance to fight him, but I think he’ll come back. I don’t know. My gut’s telling me that he’ll miss it and want to come back.”

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