UFC 100 Post-Mortem: Awards

By Jake Rossen Jul 13, 2009
Awkward Sponsorship Collapse of the Night Award: Brock Lesnar, for dunking UFC execs in boiling water over his jab at event sponsor Bud Light for not paying him directly. (Lesnar, looming over a giant Bud Light logo in the cage, said he’d enjoy a Coors Light instead.) Dana White enjoys his anti-corporate renegade image, but you’d better believe he’d wear a tie to that make-up meeting.

Questionable Sportsmanship of the Night Award: Lesnar, for yelling into what was left of Frank Mir’s face after caving it in.

Fan Relations of the Night Award: Lesnar, for measuring his response to the crowd boos after facing off with Mir, realizing that syllables are more trouble than they’re worth, and flipping them off.

GIF of the Night Award: Lesnar, for addressing the camera with a mouthful of post-fight froth and fury that makes Conan the Barbarian look like a Mouseketeer.

Contrition of the Night Award: Lesnar, for showing up to a post-fight press conference apologizing for his manic episode -- all while a Bud Light was positioned near his microphone.

Old Soldier of the Night Award: Mark Coleman did the diehard fans in attendance proud by gutting out a unanimous decision win over a tough Stephan Bonnar in a preliminary fight. “The Hammer” looked worlds removed from his last, lethargic performance against Mauricio Rua, scooping Bonnar’s legs at will and staying out of some aggressive submission attempts. The punches weren’t as hard and the intensity wasn’t as pitched as Coleman’s heyday, but any veteran of UFC 10 that can keep a fight competitive at UFC 100 is worth anyone’s respect.
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