UFC 102 Post-Mortem: Awards

By Jake Rossen Aug 30, 2009

Shameless Pockets-Lining of the Night Award: Brock Lesnar, for shouting encouragement to Couture knowing full well that rematch would put a few extra shells in his shotgun.

Impenetrable Product Sponsor of the Night Award: “Sytha-6 RTD,” which sounds like something we sprayed over Vietnam and not a sports supplement.

Heart of the Night Award: Couture, for escaping positions and submission attempts by Nogueira that many would have found hopeless.

Ominous Comparison of the Night Award: To Demian Maia, repeatedly referred to as “the new Royce Gracie,” or “Royce Gracie 2.0.” Royce Gracie is a dangerous man, but would lose a kickboxing match with a heavy bag. In 2009, it’s not a flattering statement.
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