UFC 99 Red Ink: Silva vs. Franklin

By Jake Rossen Jun 13, 2009
Haven’t we all wondered what would happen if a caveman got into a fight with a high school math teacher? And isn’t time we found out?

Wanderlei Silva will be looking to stall a career slide Saturday when he faces former middleweight champion Rich Franklin in a 195-pound catch-weight bout. His brawl-and-maul style is in interesting contrast to Franklin’s slightly more conservative, academic approach. Silva is probably a fair amount better on the ground, but could have trouble keeping it there. Franklin’s chin is unquestionably in better shape. Silva is 32. Franklin is nearly 35. It’s impossible to believe.

What It Means: For Silva, a chance to enter the middleweight division with renewed momentum; for Franklin, a decent check. Beating Silva doesn’t hold the cache it used to.

Third-Party Investor: Anderson Silva, who could see a big fight with former training partner Wanderlei on the horizon -- especially if potential contender Michael Bisping drops a July fight with Dan Henderson.

Who Wins: Franklin. Silva’s Jurassic attack worked when he could eat big shots, but that doesn’t appear to be the case anymore.
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