UFC & WEC Post-Mortem: The Spider’s Sense, Torres’ Humanity, More

By Jake Rossen Aug 10, 2009
If you’re only as good as your last fight, Anderson Silva exited the Octagon on Saturday in far better shape than he entered.

After two performances that had fans grumbling, the UFC decided to inflame Silva’s attitude by getting Forrest Griffin to chase him. Hopefully, Griffin got hazard pay for it: after looking aimless and ineffectual in the opening minutes, Griffin walked right into a stiff jab that crumpled his ungainly frame. Power and size leaks confidence at the first sign of accuracy -- and Silva is a sniper.

What does it prove? We knew Silva was a far better muay Thai craftsman than Griffin, so it’s doubtful any eyeballs were singed tonight. But it was evidence that Silva’s recent appearances at middleweight were certainly the result of his opponents’ lax approach.

So what now? There’s talk of potential rematches with Nathan Marquardt and Dan Henderson, and that’s probably a sign he’s outgrown the division. Leave the remakes to Hollywood.

The weekend was considerably less bountiful for the WEC’s Miguel Torres, another contender in the seemingly endless line of “pound for pound” something or others. After being stunned by an overhand right early by challenger Brian Bowles, Torres ate a chopping right that sent him to the canvas; Bowles followed up by trying to push his head to the particle board below.

Bowles is tough -- and Torres is still one of the best we’ve got. You shouldn’t be as good as your last fight. You should be as good as your last nineteen.

Next for Silva: Only big fights, please, and a laundry list of rematches at 185 isn’t where they’re at.

Next for Griffin: A game plan that isn’t the equivalent of challenging Usain Bolt to a sprint.

Next for B.J. Penn: Diego Sanchez, apparently. And that’s just fine by us.

Next for Kenny Florian: A better strength training program or a drop to 145.

Next for Torres: 17-2 probably earns him an immediate rematch with Bowles if he wants it.

Next for Bowles: Torres or Dominic Cruz, who looked like a “Tekken” character in his win over Joe Benavidez Sunday.
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