Ultimate Athletes: MMA moonlighters III

By Jake Rossen May 29, 2009
You’ll never see a professional golfer attempt a fight. And if you do, they’ve clearly gone far off the reservation. But other mainstream athletes -- usually from the equally gritty sport of football -- find the cage to be a compelling second career.

Two more who took off their helmets, only to get hit harder:

Alonzo Spellman (1-0)
Affiliation: Defensive Lineman, Chicago Bears
Resume: Just five months of the basics before his debut; freaked out on a plane shortly after 9/11, sentenced to 18 months in prison, charged with taking medication for a bipolar disorder. Naturally, a perfect fit for MMA.
Bench? He’s appeared to have made the decision already: Spellman fought just once in 2006, a win over unheralded Antoine “Herc” Hayes. He was arrested again in 2008 after a convenience store altercation led to a 20-minute police chase.

Bob Sapp (10-4-1)
Affiliation: Self-professed “assback” for Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens, Oakland Raiders. Played in one league game.
Resume: Massive; trained inconsistently in Seattle and Japan; frequently preoccupied with Japanese superstardom, then praying his size would prevail in bouts. Recently defeated by relative infant Ikuhisa Minowa via submission.
Bench? Unwarranted. Sapp’s size -- think chest freezer with board shorts -- usually precludes any serious beatings.
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