Video: Brazilian Fighter’s Eye Super-Glued Shut at WOCS 25

By Staff Apr 16, 2013

Last Friday, a bizarre incident cut short a featherweight bout at the 25th event of Rio de Janeiro-based promotion Watch Out Combat Show.

Following two rounds of fighting from Carlos Alberto Lobo and Marcos Nene, Lobo was unable to return for the third period. The reason: as Lobo sat on his stool between rounds, a cage worker was applying a decal to the cage above Lobo’s corner, and industrial strength adhesive dripped down onto the fighter. Believing it to be Vaseline, Lobo spread the substance over his face, accidentally gluing shut his right eye.

Fortunately for Lobo, who was treated at a local hospital shortly thereafter, the story had a happy ending, as he was awarded a technical decision after two completed rounds.


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