Video: Dana White Talks Floyd Mayweather, Vince McMahon on ‘Arsenio’

By Staff Jan 27, 2014

Dana White appeared on Monday’s episode of “The Arsenio Hall Show,” and while the UFC president had some interesting things to say about WWE boss Vince McMahon (“he’s a maniac”), White saved his bluntest words for boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr.

When Hall asked how Mayweather would fare in mixed martial arts competition, White had this to say:

“He’d get murdered in the UFC. Here’s the thing: these guys always talk about this crossover stuff. Floyd’s gonna go crazy ‘cause I said that, too, now. But, bottom line is, the disrespect that these guys show for each other’s sports-- it’s like, my guys think that they can go over and box, and Floyd thinking that he could come over here in the UFC. It’s like you go to a knife fight with a guy, and the other guy’s got guns and chains, and crowbars. There’s so many more weapons in the UFC than there are in boxing, so it just makes no sense.”

Source: The Arsenio Hall Show


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