WEC Port-Mortem: Faber Wins for Losing

By Jake Rossen Jun 8, 2009
If Urijah Faber absolutely had to lose to Mike Thomas Brown Sunday in Sacramento, this was the way to do it: go out only after stretching Brown through five exhausting rounds, getting your licks and leaving some measure of doubt in fans’ minds over the outcome due to a seriously busted hand.

Faber’s immediate future is still a question mark. He’s had two opportunities to defeat the featherweight division’s best fighter, and came up short each time. A rubber match when one participant is down 0-2 isn’t unheard of, but it’ll take one or two spectacular performances by Faber and a completely barren contender’s landscape for Brown.

That won’t be an easy feat: Jose Aldo, who launched a flying knee at Cub Swanson that ended months of training in eight seconds, will be looking to capitalize on Brown’s lethargic stand-up and eyes-to-floor haymaking. Good thing Aldo doesn’t have a huge name yet, otherwise they might consider making us pay for it.

Next for Brown: Aldo.

Next for Aldo: Brown.

Next for Faber: Josh Grispi, who disposed of Jens Pulver with respectable efficiency.

New Questions

Q: Should Pulver keep fighting?

A: Pulver is fortunate in that he has a credible skill -- analysis -- outside of the ring. He should step away from fighting.

Q: Will Faber ever be able to beat Brown?

A: Yes. He was in the fight for as long as he had hands. He can beat Brown by staying away from him, wearing him out and going for points. Unless those two gnarled mitts begin to give him recurring problems.

Q: Can Aldo beat Brown?

A: He’s faster and has better stand-up, but I don’t think he can scramble the way Faber did. If Brown plants him, he will stay planted.

Q: Is “Fanarchy” going to be any good?

A: You watch it and let me know.


Multiple fights in the stands, per the Wrestling Observer…WEC chair Reed Harris told press that the promotion would hold up to eight shows this year.…Aldo’s eight-second KO of Swanson ties the WEC record for fastest knockout with Lalo Moz/Bruce Nelson at WEC 1. The fastest KO of all time? Probably this one.
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