War Machine Received Few Challenges in Jail

By Sherdog.com Staff Dec 27, 2011
War Machine, on “The Savage Dog Show,” discussing whether he was involved in any fights while serving his one-year jail sentence:

“There were a couple of incidents where people tried to start stuff, and luckily it didn’t escalate. But never [with] guys that knew about my fighting background. Anyone that knew I was a fighter, no one ever wanted to challenge me. Everyone says jail’s full of tough guys, but none of them are tough. They all just talk. No one challenged me. … I was in jail with the highest, most dangerous criminals in San Diego or whatever, the highest classified guys, and there was like four fights the whole year. These guys have all done prison terms in Pelican Bay and stuff, and they don’t do nothing. Jail isn’t what you think it is. Guys there aren’t that tough.”


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