Werdum Advances to ADCC 2009 Heavyweight Final

By Jordan Breen Sep 27, 2009
The ADCC 2009 men's over-99-kilogram final is set, and Fabricio Werdum will have the chance to win his second straight divisional title.

The 2007 over-99 champion was able to defeat BJJ legend and former two-time 88-kilo-and-under champion Saulo Ribeiro after a 20-minute contest that exhausted both overtime periods. Neither man was able to takedown the other, as the much larger Werdum was aggressive both from the clinch and shooting for double legs, but the technique and veteranship allowed Ribeiro to avoid Werdum putting him flat on the mat and scoring points.

In the finals, he will meet the surging Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu, who knocked off 2005 divisional champion Jeff Monson. Not unlike the Werdum-Ribeiro clash, Abreu and Monson largely consisted of both men shooting takedowns. Abreu forced Monson into complete defense at the bout wore on, taking his book without hooks and transitioning to an armbar, and later gaining rear waist control and suplexing him. Though he failed to expose Monson to the mat cleanly and earn points, Monson's passivity later in the bout earned him a negative bout, which was all "Cyborg" needed to advance.
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