Why The WEC Delivers

By Jeff Sherwood Oct 6, 2010
When was the last time you watched an MMA event that had six decisions, and you still came away feeling great about the show?

Let’s take a closer look at WEC 51. Six decisions, two submissions (both chokes), one TKO and two huge knockouts. We witnessed two former WEC champs get back on the winning track: Miguel Torres and Mike Thomas Brown were very impressive in their victories. We saw the WEC featherweight champ defend his title for the second time in dominating fashion. The Hyped up Tie Quan Zhang came in and got the job done despite some concerns about his prior competition.

Let’s not forget the rematch that will become a rubber match -- which I would no doubt pay to see. (Actually, I would pay to see Donald Cerrone fight against anyone.)

That card has me pondering how the WEC seems to deliver with each of its shows. Here are my thoughts on why:

Smaller Weight Classes

Way back in the day when I first got into MMA, I discovered Shooto in Japan and was blown away. If you are a newcomer to the sport, dig up some older Shooto events and give them a run: I know you will be pleased. WEC helps the argument for smaller guys being more exciting than watching a heavyweight battle that gets sloppy after the first round. Not to put all heavyweights in that category, but for my money, smaller guys are more athletic and skilled.

Fewer Events than the UFC

The UFC has hosted 18 events thus far in 2010. WEC has had six. With less shows, the overall talent level is present from top to bottom on each card.

Sean Shelby

The proof is in the pudding: Shelby is a top-rate matchmaker. How fortunate is Zuffa to have both Shelby and UFC matchmaker Joe Silva under their roof?

A New Era

The time is now for fighters of lower weight classes to stand and be noticed.

Feel free to agree or dismiss my opinions, but just make sure you don’t sleep on the WEC.
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