Wineland Breaks Down Brutal KO Slam

By Staff Mar 19, 2011
Eddie Wineland (Pictured), on “Beatdown,” discussing his knockout slam of Ken Stone:

“If a 145-pound guy is hanging on me, I can stand straight up, no problem. I’ve been in that position before and I’ve always thought about what I was going to do in a fight if I got in that position. … I didn’t just pick him up and drop him. It was a lot of hips and a lot of whiplash effect. He hit with his back flush. … I just took him for a ride, and he went out. Initially I was really happy. You get the knockout, and that’s what I wanted. I turned back around, and he was still lying there motionless. At that point it turned to concern. I walked up and asked if he was going to be OK. ‘Is everything all right?’ The only thing I heard the doctor say was get the backboard and [Advanced Life Support] now. I took a couple of steps back and let them do their job.”
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