With More Time, Konrad Believes He’ll Deliver Knockouts

By Sherdog.com Staff Sep 9, 2011
Cole Konrad (Pictured), on “The Savage Dog Show,” addressing criticism that he and fellow Bellator champion Ben Askren are not yet entertaining fighters:

“I understand where the fans are coming [from] and I think if they’re patient, they’re going to see a well-rounded, dangerous, knockout power type of fighter coming down the line here. But it does take a little time. Both Ben and I are relatively new to the sport. [We] got thrown into big circles right away. We’ve had success. We just haven’t had maybe the knockout success that a lot of people like to see or they’ve kind of come accustomed to seeing. I think they’ll see it down the line, but as of now I just want to continue to get better each fight. I try not to play into any emotion or anything like that, but I understand where they’re coming from.”
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