Zach Arnold Joins Press Row

By Jordan Breen Sep 26, 2012

Every Wednesday, Administrative Editor Jordan Breen welcomes a member of the mixed martial arts media into “Press Row” on the blog. This week, Breen is joined by founder Zach Arnold.

Following the latest high-profile dismissals and shakeups within the California State Athletic Commission, Breen and Arnold analyze the players involved, their misdeeds and how they have impacted the recent climate of MMA and boxing within the state. The two analyze how failures to properly supervise fighters, drug test, retain medical and licensing documents, and other basic clerical duties have created a state of anarchy and irresponsibility within the state.

The two also analyze recent ticket selling scams and shady promotions in the state that have flown under the radar and opine on how these outcomes could stunt the growth of Californian prizefighting prospects.

Grab your credential and get a seat in “Press Row.”

The above file can be saved in MP3 format here.
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