More on UFC 159 - Jones vs. Sonnen

  • Roundtable: UFC 159 Jones Vs Sonnen

    Jack Encarnacao returned to the Sherdog Radio Network Friday for another roundtable discussion. Joining him was a panel made up of's Jordan Breen, Sam Genovese, and's "Kid" Nate Wilcox. The team breaks down tomorrow night's UFC 159 card which...

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  • Beatdown: Jones/Sonnen Analysis

    TJ De Santis and Jeff Sherwood returned to the Sherdog Radio Network Wednesday for another edition of “Beatdown.” On this episode the guys talk about the appeal of Chael Sonnen, if he will remain marketable if...

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  • Cheap Seats: SDS Reunion

    Greg Savage and Jeff Sherwood were live for a "Savage Dog Show" reunion on Tuesday's edition of "Cheap Seats." Savage and Sherwood take a look at last...

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