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  • John Morgan Joins Press Row By: Jordan Breen

    Every Wednesday, Administrative Editor Jordan Breen welcomes a member of the mixed martial arts media into “Press Row” on the Sherdog.com blog. This week, Breen welcomes MMAJunkie lead staff reporter John Morgan to “Press Row.”

    Breen and Morgan explore the extent to which MMA is part of the “hurt business,” examining fighters stories from the past weekend ranging from unfortunate to tragic. The pair examine the perhaps unjust loss of Frankie Edgar, the criminal antics of Jason Miller and the untimely passing of South Carolinan amateur fighter Tyrone Mims and what these stories mean for the sport.

    The two also delve into whether it’s possible to have a statistical metric for lost earning potential in MMA, the hijinks of War Machine, how MMA breeds sociopathy and why prizefights are the brass ring for middle-aged “weekend warriors.”

    Grab your credential and get a seat in “Press Row.”

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  • A Day in the Life with ‘Mayhem’ By: Greg Savage

    Jason “Mayhem” Miller stars in a new documentary titled “A Day in the Life”.

    Follow the jump for reader comments.

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  • Video: Late Night ‘Mayhem’

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  • Miller Remembers Sonnen Slam That Broke Ring By: Sherdog.com Staff

    Jason “Mayhem” Miller, on “The Savage Dog Show,” discussing the time Chael Sonnen slammed him and the ring broke: “He must have dumped me about 10 times, maybe 20 times. He kept taking me down. We broke through the ring. ... He double-legged me, slammed me, and we went through the floor. I was like, ‘What the hell?’ This was a shoddy show on an Indian Reservation. They tried to fix it for a couple of minutes and then they were like, ‘Uh, just don’t fight over there.’ I’m like, ‘All right.’ So me and Chael touch gloves. One time he circled me over there and, like the gentleman he is, he stopped and we reset as if we were in a sparring match.”

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  • ‘Jacare’: I’m Mayhem’s Tormentor By: Sherdog.com Staff

    Strikeforce middleweight champion Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza, with Marcelo Alonso, on his rivalry with Jason “Mayhem” Miller:

    “He’s not my tormentor. I already beat him in the first fight, and the second time that I faced him, I was winning and he did that nonsense. I’m his tormentor, because it was me who won both fights … I’m there to do my job. If they want to put him against me, it will be great. It will be nice to hit a guy that I really don’t like. So, I could hit him with much ease.”

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  • ‘Mayhem’ Miller: Door Not Closed to UFC By: Sherdog.com Staff

    Jason “Mayhem” Miller, on “It’s Time! with Bruce Buffer,” responding to a question on whether he’d want to return to the UFC and fight for a title:

    “To me, it doesn’t make a difference. I fight for money. … By all means, the door’s not closed to me. I think the UFC puts on an excellent show and consistently offers great cards to the masses, and they consistently sell a ton of pay-per-views. So to me, I think they’re great. They’re fantastic. Right now I have a contract with Strikeforce, and they’re treating me well.”

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  • All Dream 16 Fighters Hit Weight; Mayhem Touts Magic By: Tony Loiseleur

    NAGOYA, Japan -- All fighters on Friday made weight for Dream 16, set to take place on Saturday at the Nihon Gaishi Hall. A middleweight attraction between two fan favorites in Strikeforce veteran Jason Miller and Kazushi Sakuraba will be prominently featured in the promotion’s first primetime effort on the Tokyo Broadcasting System.

    In typical “Mayhem” fashion, Miller goofed around at the public press conference by belting out mangled Japanese words and phrases in response to fan questions. In not so many Japanese words, Miller asserted that he had magic in his hands and arms, indicating a confidence in his submission prowess and striking.

    In somewhat of a break from the persona, however, Miller respectfully gave the legendary Japanese mixed martial artist his due, commenting to local media about how Sakuraba’s bouts against the Gracie family in the early 2000s were a personal revelation of the paradigmatic shifts in store for the sport’s future. Despite his respect for the Japanese veteran’s creativity and “magic,” Miller asserted he has no qualms with beating Sakuraba, jokingly likening the fight with the storied vet to beating up his own father.

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  • Strikeforce Fighters Visit VA Medical Center By: Loretta Hunt

    Tim Kennedy, Bobby Lashley, Muhammed Lawal and K.J. Noons: Esther Lin | Strikeforce

    Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal, as well as Bobby Lashley, K.J. Noons, Tim Kennedy, and Jason “Mayhem” Miller paid a visit to military veterans and their loved ones at the Fisher House at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center on Tuesday in Houston.

    Fisher House provides free lodging and other support for the families of hospitalized veterans receiving treatment for long-term illnesses or injuries.

    Lawal, Lashley, Noons, and Kennedy will all compete during Strikeforce’s live telecast on Showtime on Saturday, which begins at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Lawal defends his title against Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante.

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  • Strikeforce Post-Mortem: Shields, Melendez and the Brawl to End it All By: Jake Rossen

    Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

    One of the best get-out-of-jail free cards is tenure. The longer you’ve been around, and the more you’ve dug your heels into a relationship, the more leeway you have to screw up.

    A fart on a first date is bad. A fart after three years into marriage is just another Thursday.

    What happened in the closing moments of Strikeforce’s second CBS telecast Saturday comes without the security of long-term placement. CBS, burned once by the bizarre behavior of EliteXC employees, found itself devoting primetime minutes to Nick Diaz, Jake Shields, and a dozen other Cesar Gracie shirts descended on Jason Miller after shoves were exchanged and egos bruised. It was awkward, ugly, and hard to recover from.

    This kind of schoolyard stuff is not at all out of character for impassioned athletes who are running high on macho-bravado posturing and adrenaline. Baseball teams have swarmed one another; some get rushed with a bat. NBA players have elbowed, kicked, and occasionally assaulted fans in the stands. (Never with bats, but give it time.)

    Ball sports, however, have the benefit of history. We’ve never known a world without basketball, football, or boxing, and the idea that any few individuals could sink a national pastime is never given any thought. The sports columnists will scold the offenders, the footage will get some airplay, and it’s business as usual within the week. Boxing can even kill its participants (three in 2009 alone, if you’re keeping track) without much fuss.

    MMA does not have this luxury. As a result, scenes like this -- which, if we’re being honest, are entertaining in their absurdity -- do nothing to enforce the idea this is an activity that deserves to occupy the public consciousness. Instead of offering perspective on his impressive, gutsy comeback win over Dan Henderson, Shields is instead left to explain why his site of victory turned into a scene from “West Side Story.”

    MMA is still very much in the courtship stage of its relationship with the sports world. As of Sunday morning, it ran out of gas on a pretty major highway.

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  • Awards: ‘Fedor vs. Rogers’ By: Jake Rossen

    D. Mandel/Sherdog.com

    The Don’t-Listen-to-Idiot-Pundits Award: Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou, for putting up a better fight than expected against Gegard Mousasi.

    Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Award: Jason Miller, for choking Jake Shields nearly unconscious in the third and thinking the bell rang too soon; and Shields, for getting choked unconscious and not hearing the bell ring soon enough.

    The Unsuspecting Jimmy Lennon Award: Miller, for forcing Lennon to announce his fighting style as “slap boxing,” a comedy routine that remains just as unfunny as when Dennis Hallman insisted on “cowboy karate” all those years ago. (Miller is wacky. We get it.)

    The We-Gotta-Figure-Out-This-TV-Timing-Thing Award: Strikeforce, for bumping the undercard bout between Mark Miller and Deray Davis entirely. Not having an Excel sheet with an event rhythm laid out cost both men wasted training camps. That’s beyond belief.

    Update 11/09/09: Sports Illustrated's Josh Gross didn't pick Sokoudjou to win, as stated here initially. He believed Mousasi would take it. The management regrets the error.

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