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  • Radio: Soszynski, Buffer, Breen By: TJ De Santis

    Live radio returned to The Sherdog Radio Network Tuesday with brand new editions of "The Jordan Breen Show" and "IT'S TIME!!! with Bruce Buffer" programs.

    Bruce Buffer returned after a breif absence from The SRN for another edition of "IT'S TIME!!!" Joining him was UFC light-heavyweight Krzysztof Soszynski. Both men have spent time lately working on the set of the new Kevin Jame's film "Here Comes The Boom." "The Polish Experiment" joins the show to chat about his role and what listeners can expect from the 2012 release.

    Jordan Breen returned for another edition of "The Jordan Breen Show." For two hours "The Mastermind" took listener calls and emails. The discussion covered many topics including the latest from this past weekend's UFC 130 card. Jordan also comes with a new offering inside his MMA "Spank Bank."

    Check out the shows and our archives by clicking here.

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  • Friends Fighting Friends: Soszynski Votes Yes By: Staff

    Krzysztof Soszynski (Pictured), on the Sherdog Radio Network, discussing whether friends should be willing to fight each other:

    “It is tough, but in the last 10 years that I’ve been in this sport, I’ve fought four friends already. It’s a business just like anything else. Brothers have to play football against each other. Friends have to play hockey against each other. Friends should be able to fight against each other. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t. … [Fighting is] definitely a different situation, but I had a chance to fight Jason Day twice, who’s a close friend of mine. I fought Mike Whitehead, who I’d trained with for six months before. I fought Brian Stann, who [I was with] at Dan Henderson’s training camp for three months up in Big Bear training with him every day and I fought him. There’s no animosity between us. I don’t think there should be any. We’re all friends in this sport. We’re doing this for the greater good of the sport. I don’t think it should be a problem with friends fighting against each other, especially if they’re in the same weight division.”

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  • The Turning Point: Soszynski vs. Reljic By: Chris Nelson

    Krzysztof Soszynski: Dave Mandel |

    Although comprised largely of striking exchanges, a number of submission attempts proved critical in Krzysztof Soszynski’s unanimous decision win over Goran Reljic at UFC 122.

    The first such moment came late in the opening round of the light heavyweight contest, which took place at the Konig Pilsener Arena in Oberhausen, Germany, on Saturday. As the fight hit the floor for the first time thanks to a Reljic takedown, both men already bore signs of damage from the previous three-and-a-half minutes of standing offense, with Reljic cut above the right eye and Soszynski reddened around the rib cage from the Croatian’s thudding left kicks.

    The instant that Reljic plowed Soszynski to the mat and advanced to half-guard, Soszynski began to snake his right arm underneath Reljic’s left. Reljic froze up, and moments later, Soszynski brought his left arm over the top. It was immediately apparent what “The Polish Experiment” -- owner of a pair of UFC wins by kimura -- was looking to do.

    With a minute still to go in the round, Reljic was forced to defend from the dominant position as Soszynski worked from beneath. Soszynski struggled to pry Reljic’s left arm loose and crank the submission; Reljic pattered away with his free limb, alternating punches and elbows to Soszynski’s back and upper body. The period ended in that same position, and while Soszynski was unable to elicit a tap, the ground work clearly swung the round in his favor.

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  • UFC 122 Postmortem: Okami Wins, Marquardt Frozen By: Jake Rossen

    Yushin Okami: Jeff Sherwood |

    For his efforts against the dangerous Nate Marquardt Saturday at UFC 122 in Germany, Yushin Okami may have earned himself a nice, warm spot on a bench; the No.1 ranked middleweight -- at least for as long as Chael Sonnen tries to restore his name amid steroid allegations -- in the UFC has been promised a title shot against Anderson Silva. But when and how that happens wasn’t part of the guarantee.

    Silva fights Vitor Belfort in February; if he and Georges St. Pierre both win their respective bouts (St. Pierre fights in December), there’s absolutely no better time to make that pound-for-pound fight happen. If fans get what they want, Okami might be a year away from contention.

    Does he continue to fight, as Chuck Liddell did when Tito Ortiz ran around in circles years ago? Or does he take a cue from Rashad Evans and find a comfortable chair until he’s delivered what’s been promised? A title shot and especially a title win can be a lucrative achievement. But “inactive fighter” is an oxymoron. If you’re fit to fight, go fight.

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  • 5 Questions: UFC 102 Edition By: Jake Rossen

    Is Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira done?

    Nogueira is like something out of children’s television -- a leather boot that talks. Active since 1999, he’s taken more physical abuse than a crash test dummy. (Watch his 2002 fight with Bob Sapp, then marvel at how he can still dress himself.) A career in the trenches seemed to have caught up with him against Frank Mir last December; he’s had the better part of the year off to gather his bearings.

    He can afford a loss -- a 2-2 UFC record isn’t cause for extradition -- but he can’t afford an ugly one.

    Is Demian Maia the best jiu-jitsu artist in MMA?

    There is a fluidity and arrangement to Demian Maia's jiu-jitsu that is often found in high-level grappling tournaments but not nearly as much in MMA. This is because intricate set-ups often fall victim to their orchestrator getting punched in the eye. Maia makes it work: he manages to fight his fight, manipulating opponents like a Rubik’s Cube while avoiding trouble.

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