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  • When Mike Brown Looks Around, He Sees His Cohorts Retiring By: Sherdog.com Staff

    Mike Thomas Brown, on “The Savage Dog Show,” discussing what he’ll do when he retires: “I’ve thought about it a lot because I’m getting there. I don’t know how much longer I want to do this. I’m 36. I think I’m probably the oldest guy below 170 pounds in the UFC. ... I realize that I am getting up there. It’s funny, I’m starting to see all these guys I grew up with, fighting or when you go to other shows ... I’m seeing them all retiring. It’s really weird, getting to that age where we’re all at a different point in our lives now. It’s kind of neat and sad at the same time. But I’m doing other things. I’m going to coach here for sure at American Top Team. This is where I’ve been forever and this is where I became champ. I love everyone here. I want to coach here. I also just opened up a fight shop as well, locally here, Only One Fight Shop. I’m doing that as well. I’m doing some things in the business. It’s my passion. When I’m involved with fighting, it’s not working. It’s pretty cool to be able to actually survive and make money at something you would do for free.”

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  • Podcast: Chris Lytle, Mike Brown By: Jared Koll

    Jeff Sherwood and Greg Savage were back Monday for another edition of 'The Savage Dog Show' on The Sherdog Radio Network.

    Joining them was Chris Lytle, fresh off his first foray into politics, a Senate run in the state of Indiana.

    Also, former WEC featherweight champion Mike Thomas Brown stopped by to chat about his upcoming fight with Daniel Pineda at UFC 146 in Las Vegas.

    TJ De Santis and Jared Koll were back Monday for another edition of 'Beatdown' on The Sherdog Radio Network.

    Without the benefit of any scheduled guest, the pair took calls, emails and tweets, and rambled about the most pertinent mixed martial arts topics of the day. And boy was it good!

    Don't believe me? Well, then listen in to find out.

    Check out "The Savage Dog Show here.

    Check out "Beatdown" here.

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  • Radio: Woodley, Brown By: TJ De Santis

    Live radio returned to The Sherdog Radio Network Monday with new episodes of "Beatdown" and "The Savage Dog Show."

    Jeff Sherwood and myself returned to The Sherdog Radio Network Monday for another edition of "The Savage Dog Show." Joining us was UFC featherweight fighter Mike Thomas Brown. The American Top Team fighter is currently preparing for his UFC 133 showdown with Nam Phan.

    Jack Encarnacao and Jon Luther were back today on The SRN for another edition of "Beatdown." Joining them was Tyron Woodley. "T-Wood" is in action this Saturday night when he faces Paul Daley.

    Check out the shows and our archives by clicking here.

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  • Why The WEC Delivers By: Jeff Sherwood

    When was the last time you watched an MMA event that had six decisions, and you still came away feeling great about the show?

    Let’s take a closer look at WEC 51. Six decisions, two submissions (both chokes), one TKO and two huge knockouts. We witnessed two former WEC champs get back on the winning track: Miguel Torres and Mike Thomas Brown were very impressive in their victories. We saw the WEC featherweight champ defend his title for the second time in dominating fashion. The Hyped up Tie Quan Zhang came in and got the job done despite some concerns about his prior competition.

    Let’s not forget the rematch that will become a rubber match -- which I would no doubt pay to see. (Actually, I would pay to see Donald Cerrone fight against anyone.)

    That card has me pondering how the WEC seems to deliver with each of its shows. Here are my thoughts on why:

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  • WEC 51 Primer By: Jake Rossen

    Jose Aldo (left) file photo: Dave Mandel | Sherdog.com

    Watch mixed martial arts for any length of time and you’ll discover how dizzying its effects can be on your enthusiasm. A fight like Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic/Frank Mir, which dogged the weekend, can sink hearts; Thursday’s Jose Aldo/Manny Gamburyan match is likely to make everyone forget all about it.

    Aldo is in that amazing physical and emotional space where he’s old enough to have power and skill but young enough to not realize he’s mortal. He’s fast, he’s aggressive, and his “strategy” consists of not appearing to have any strategy. He just moves and reacts faster than everyone he fights. One day, he’ll be defeated and his ego will leak. Until then, he’s not going to put on a bad show.

    The same is true for the WEC itself, which is populated almost exclusively by fighters who can’t depend on overwhelming physical strength: that usually means a surplus of technique without the cage-clinching that’s becoming a significant part of big-guy MMA.

    What:WEC 51, an 11-bout card from the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, Colo.

    When: Thursday, Sept. 30 at 9 p.m. ET on Versus

    Why You Should Care: Because Gamburyan is a fireplug with feet that’s done an incredible job since dropping to 145; because, dumb Twitter comments aside, Donald Cerrone and Jamie Varner bring out the best in one another; because Miguel Torres is trying to halt a recent career slide and hungry fighters usually equal exciting fighters; and because anything has to be better than Filipovic/Mir, including a loss of signal.

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  • Faber and Brown on the SDS By: Greg Savage

    Fresh off their victories at WEC 46 last weekend, former featherweight champions Urijah Faber and Mike Thomas Brown joined Jeff and I on Friday’s edition of the SDS to discuss their big wins and where they are headed in the crowded 145-pound division.

    Faber, who stopped highly regarded Raphael Assuncao in the third round Sunday night, addressed the brewing controversy surrounding the title shot he earned with the win and spoke about his chances against top dog Jose Aldo. “The California Kid” also opines on his visibility in the Sacramento community and his desire to represent them in a positive fashion.

    Brown also answered questions about Faber being tabbed as the next opponent for Aldo -- the man who wrested the belt from him in November. After convincingly beating Faber twice, Brown finds himself on the outside looking in as Faber gets the first crack at Aldo. Check out the podcast to hear Brown discuss his feelings on the matter as well as his performance against Anthony Morrison this past weekend.

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  • Home Sweet Home for Mike Brown By: Jack Encarnacao

    QUINCY, Mass. -- Mike Thomas Brown came home for a wedding.

    He left with mixed martial arts approved in his home state, a drained autograph pen, and wide-eyed adulation from the scores who attended a two-hour seminar the featherweight king held Monday at a new American Top Team affiliate south of Boston. The faux-hawked Maine native, who started fighting locally in 2001 after winning a state title in wrestling at Bonny Eagle High School in the town of Standish, happily obliged all photo and signature requests from locals.

    His affinity for Dunkin Donuts coffee -- iced, black, no sugar -- might hint at his local roots, but Brown’s heritage doesn’t hit you over the head like fellow Mainer Tim Sylvia’s does whenever he speaks, without a single trace of an “R” sound. Brown has almost entirely dropped his New England accent.

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  • Brown-Aldo Set for November WEC By: Sherdog.com Staff

    Mike Thomas Brown has signed on to defend his featherweight crown against Brazilian upstart Jose Aldo at WEC 44 or 45 in November, Sherdog.com has confirmed following an initial report from InTheGuard.tv.

    No date has been locked down for the 145-pound title tilt, although Colorado seems to be the point of destination for the event, according to a source close to the bout.

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  • WEC Port-Mortem: Faber Wins for Losing By: Jake Rossen

    If Urijah Faber absolutely had to lose to Mike Thomas Brown Sunday in Sacramento, this was the way to do it: go out only after stretching Brown through five exhausting rounds, getting your licks and leaving some measure of doubt in fans’ minds over the outcome due to a seriously busted hand.

    Faber’s immediate future is still a question mark. He’s had two opportunities to defeat the featherweight division’s best fighter, and came up short each time. A rubber match when one participant is down 0-2 isn’t unheard of, but it’ll take one or two spectacular performances by Faber and a completely barren contender’s landscape for Brown.

    That won’t be an easy feat: Jose Aldo, who launched a flying knee at Cub Swanson that ended months of training in eight seconds, will be looking to capitalize on Brown’s lethargic stand-up and eyes-to-floor haymaking. Good thing Aldo doesn’t have a huge name yet, otherwise they might consider making us pay for it.

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  • Red Ink: Faber/Brown II By: Jake Rossen

    Last November, then-WEC featherweight champion Urijah Faber bounced into his first fight with Mike Thomas Brown slapping hands, singing and looking very relaxed -- relaxed enough to be a guy on his way to dinner.

    Turns out he was on his way to the dentist. After a miscalculated spinning elbow -- an absence of mind the phrase “WTF?” was invented for -- Brown capitalized and put Faber down for the count. Now the press has cast Brown as the bigger, bullying brother, with more raw power than Faber will be able to handle.

    It makes for incendiary copy, but the reality is, the first fight didn’t last long enough to know for sure. No one had the advantage, and while Brown was able to make a show of pushing Faber on his ass from the clinch, he didn’t rack up any damage points until Faber’s mistake. Expect Faber to cut the crap this time around. Anything less than perfect, and he loses.

    What It Means: The future of Faber in the WEC. If he can’t get past Brown, it’s not the smartest business to have him hanging around and picking off contenders. It could be time for either a move down (to 135 pounds and a run at Miguel Torres) or a move up to the 155-pound class.

    Third-Party Investor: The Versus network, which counts on Faber’s marketability to propel the WEC’s engine. (“Win a Chance to Train with Mike Brown” sounds more like a threat than a prize.)

    Who Wins: Faber. No theatrics, and a strong possibility of catching Brown on the ground if it winds up there: All four of Brown’s losses came via submission.

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