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  • Dave Meltzer Joins Press Row By: Jordan Breen

    Every Wednesday, Administrative Editor Jordan Breen welcomes a member of the mixed martial arts media into “Press Row” on the blog. This week, Breen is joined by Wrestling Observer Newsletter founder and editor Dave Meltzer.

    With Bellator's eighth season kickoff slated for Thursday in Irvine, Calif., Breen and Meltzer discuss the season's potential and importance for the company, now owned by Viacom and broadcasting live on Spike. The two delve into what kind of ratings can be expected, the role pro-wrestling organization TNA will play as a lead-in for the first live event on Spike, the configuration of the live card and Bellator's struggle to make television stars in the MMA game.

    The pair discuss the signing and promotion of Muhammed Lawal, his stint in TNA and the shortcomings of the idea, why Josh Barnett might be the best candidate for a simultaneous Bellator-TNA fighting-wrestling star and the negative ramifications of Bellator's negotiations with Eddie Alvarez.

    Grab your credential and get a seat in “Press Row.”

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  • King Mo: All Contracts Favor Promotions, Not Fighters By: Staff

    Muhammed Lawal, on “Beatdown,” discussing fighter contracts:

    “Name me one organization that has a favorable contract toward the fighters and you just told me an organization that failed. Let’s be real. These people are out there talking like, ‘These contracts blah, blah, blah.’ All the contracts are the same. They’re geared to be in favor of the company, not the fighters, because if that was the case, then all these companies that had favorable contracts for the fighters would be out of business. People are just dumb. They don’t use logic or have any type of business sense. You’ve got to see it as a business. I feel for Eddie Alvarez. I know he’s going through a battle, but Bellator has an argument and Eddie Alvarez has an argument. They’ll go to court and they’ll figure it out.”

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  • Podcast: ‘King’ Mo Lawal, Pat Curran By: Staff

    TJ De Santis and Jeff Sherwood returned to the Sherdog Radio Network on Wednesday for another edition of "Beatdown." Joining them were Bellator fighters "King" Muhammed Lawal and featherweight champion Pat Curran.

    Curran makes his comeback next Thursday in Irvine, Calif., after suffering a fracture to his orbital bone in training last August. Standing across from him will be tournament winner Patricio Freire. Curran talks about training, the fight at hand, and what this fight means to him and his career.

    Lawal has also been absent from active competition. The former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion has had an interesting year. From testing positive for a banned substance, getting released by Strikeforce, and battling a serious bout with staph the former Oklahoma State Cowboy looks to make his Bellator debut on Jan. 24. Lawal joined "Beatdown" to talk about his opponent and what he expects from the upcoming light heavyweight tournament.

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  • Poll: ‘King Mo’ in Bellator

    Follow the jump for reader comments.

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  • Podcast: ‘King’ Mo Lawal By: Staff

    TJ De Santis and Jeff Sherwood were back on the Sherdog Radio Network on Wednesday for another edition of “Beatdown.” Joining them was former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion “King” Mo Lawal.

    Lawal returned to the SRN for another debate against De Santis. Overseeing the battle was Sherwood, who acted as moderator. The two men tackled a variety of MMA topics, including the future of women’s mixed martial arts, testosterone replacement therapy and if the sport is even a sport at all. You’re not going to want to miss this knockdown, drag-out, 12-round verbal sparring session.

    Check out this radio scrap here.

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  • When ‘King Mo’ Was Sick, Chael Sonnen Offered Help By: Staff

    Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal, on “Beatdown,” discussing Chael Sonnen:

    “When I was sick, Chael hit me up. He was like, ‘Mo, do you need help with your medical bills? I got you.’ He hit me up. He reached out to me. He sent me a text and then he called me. Chael checked up on me when I was sick. It meant a lot to me. When bad things happen, your true friends stick around. Chael was one of them that stuck around. I’d whoop somebody’s ass for Chael. That’s how real I am about that dude. I think what he did as far as talking trash, yeah, he talked trash. He did a great job. He made Anderson [Silva] a star. Anderson was already a star, but he made Anderson a crossover star. The reason why I say that, all of Anderson’s fights were blowouts. He pushed Anderson to the limit and made Anderson show that he’s a true champion by digging deep and coming from behind to win. Everyone looked at Anderson a lot different after he beat Chael. Everyone looked at Chael a lot different. Then Chael continued to sell the fight after that fight and made the other fight bigger. I guarantee you Anderson wouldn’t do no million buys on pay-per-view without Chael.”

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  • Podcast: ‘King’ Mo Lawal By: Staff

    TJ De Santis and Jeff Sherwood hosted Friday’s edition of “Beatdown” on the Sherdog Radio Network.

    On this two hour edition, the duo read your tweets and emails, and tried to get a user to join the show via Skype to test his knowledge of MMA.

    Later, “King” Mo Lawal called in to discuss the all-female Invicta FC 2, which takes place Saturday in Kansas City, Kan.

    Check it out here.

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  • For Lorenz Larkin, Loss to King Mo Made Sense After Positive Steroid Test By: Staff

    Lorenz Larkin, on “Beatdown,” discussing his reaction to news that Muhammed Lawal had tested positive for an anabolic steroid after their fight:

    “My corner always asks me, ‘How did he feel?’ No matter if I win or lose, they always ask me, ‘How’d you feel? How’d he feel?’ And all this other stuff. All I could tell them was that I couldn’t do anything [against Lawal]. I physically couldn’t do anything. I felt like a little kid and his dad was holding him down and he couldn’t do anything. It didn’t make sense until after everything came out. It just left a sour taste in my mouth.”

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  • ‘King Mo’ Lawal: ‘I’m Not a Slave to a Brand’

    Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal, on “Beatdown,” discussing his exit from Zuffa-owned Strikeforce and his signing with TNA Wrestling and Bellator:

    “I’m not a slave to a brand. I fight for who I want. … Zuffa has their thing. I’m doing my thing. I’m not going to worry about what they’ve got to do. I’ve got to worry about what I’ve got to do. Some people say, ‘You’re going to a B league.’ They can think that, but what are they going to say if Hector Lombard happens to beat Anderson Silva? What can they say? It’s not about the organization. It’s about the fighters. People, a lot of them, the groupie fans don’t get that. It’s about the fighters, and anybody can get beat by anybody.”

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  • Podcast: 'King' Mo Lawal By: Jared Koll

    Jack Encarnacao and Jared Koll were back Friday for another edition of 'Beatdown' on The Sherdog Radio Network.

    Joining them was Muhammed Lawal to discuss his recent co-promotional deal with Bellator Fighting Championships and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

    Yes, 'King' will be fighting in both the squared-circle of professional wrestling and the edgeless octagon (if you will) of Bellator.

    And Mo already has the name of his finishing move picked, and a possible rival, too. Want to know more? Then listen in.

    Check out "Beatdown" here.

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