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  • Gracie’s Nostalgia Trip By: Jake Rossen

    When the UFC held a press conference in Rio de Janeiro last week to announce only their second show there in 12 years, Royce Gracie appeared and told gathered media that a slot for him in the August event was being “negotiated.”

    Assuming that Gracie won’t tie his belt for less than seven figures, and knowing that the UFC brand is no longer in need of promotional stunt work, it’s probably more likely that any Gracie on that card would be Renzo. But assuming the 44-year-old -- who won three UFC tournaments in 1993 and 1994 and probably holds the single biggest influence on groundfighting in martial arts history -- does fight, upper management has to know that no one wants to see a repeat of the Matt Hughes tragedy in 2006. (A cross-trained younger athlete beats an older, one-dimensional one: you could’ve filed that story two months before it happened.)

    Odds on some possibilities that would actually mean an intriguing fight:

    Ken Shamrock (10-1) Good story, terrible fight: Shamrock’s may be so scorched he probably can’t shoot a takedown, which would mean Royce would try and drag him down in his guard.

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  • The Kick and the ‘Oh, [Expletive]’ Factor By: Jake Rossen

    Pat Smith file photo | Peter Lockley/

    I have a distinct memory of the first time my jaw went slack watching a mixed martial arts fight. I was 16, give or take a year, and a trip to the video store -- which has long since been paved over -- had netted a desperation rental of UFC 2. I do not recall what the motivation was to pick it up, but when you’re a teenager, ad copy that promises “the bloodiest, most barbaric show in history” is probably reason enough.

    That was the event where Royce Gracie won the promotion’s first and only 16-man tournament. While that was obviously impressive, and watching a slightly-built man in a gi control more intimidating opponents had its intended effect, it was another bout that might have done more for the UFC’s popularity at the time: Patrick Smith against “Ninja” Scott Morris, with Smith pounding Morris until his mouthpiece popped out and blood began shooting out of his face like a sprinkler. Morris had no concept of the mount, had no idea how to escape, and wound up shattering his face. It was so severe that Smith himself stopped attacking, having an innate sense that he’d better quit before someone went on trial.

    It was terrible. And we watched it over and over again.

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  • Royce Gracie Reflects on Pride GP 2000 By: Greg Savage

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  • The Most Influential UFC Fights I (of V) By: Jake Rossen

    All this week: recapping the key UFC bouts that changed perception or behavior in or around the Octagon. (Part one, with the first half of the top 10, can be viewed here.)

    Royce Gracie vs. Matt Hughes (UFC 60, May 27, 2006)

    If you’re inclined to gauge how much the sport of mixed martial arts evolved during Royce Gracie’s 11-year absence from the UFC, you can either A). Spend hours poring over fight footage or B). Take five minutes to watch his fight with Matt Hughes.

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