Doggy Bag: Searching for Kimbo's Next Slice

The Doggy Bag

Oct 4, 2009
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This week, readers weigh-in on Kimbo Slice’s next move in the Octagon and whom Gegard Mousasi should face in his second bout for Strikeforce.

I am completely baffled and surprised by the whole Kimbo Slice situation on “The Ultimate Fighter.” Going into the show, I was completely anti-Kimbo. I thought he was a poor ambassador for the sport I love so much. I thought he was arrogant and disrespectful. Much too my surprise, his actions and attitude on TUF 10 have completely changed my mind. He is humble, respectful and very open to learning. He has a great sense of humor, and it meshes very well with Quinton Jackson’s. That being said, while watching this past episode, my roommates could not help but cheer for Kimbo. I assumed he would lose to Roy Nelson, a Renzo Gracie black belt. His charisma is transferable to the casual fan. I consider myself to be an educated fan, and I almost couldn’t help but pull for a big shot for him. Now that he is most likely “eliminated,” wouldn’t it be a huge success for the UFC to use him as a possible replacement and hopefully have him in the final against Nelson? Would that not do huge numbers for the UFC? This rematch would be even more exciting than if he had just advanced. Am I alone on these sentiments?
-- Ryan, Virginia

Brian Knapp, associate editor: You’re not too far off the mark. It was proven long ago that Kimbo Slice, win or lose, represents ratings gold. He remains as compelling a figure as we have in the sport, even if he finds himself stuck on its outer fringes. Time will tell whether or not he has become serious about mixed martial arts. Past history suggests otherwise -- consider his not so amicable parting from Bas Rutten as evidence -- but the fact that he has elected to put down some roots at American Top Team could signal a significant change in his career. He has the charisma superstardom requires. Talent and drive are the issues.

Because he has become such an enormous ratings draw and lightning rod for the buying public, Slice will find his way onto “The Ultimate Fighter 10” Live Finale lineup in December. A rematch with Nelson, a man with far greater experience and a far more diverse skill set, would not look much different, however. What’s more, even if he were to replace a cast mate because of injury, sickness or some other unforeseen circumstance, Slice would still be a longshot to reach the final. Personally, I’d rather see him face Seth Petruzelli a second time at the finale.

A rematch with Petruzelli might be best for all parties involved. Despite the putrid efforts we have seen thus far, I believe a number of the Season 10 cast members could handle Slice without much trouble, from Brendan Schaub and Justin Wren to Demico Rogers and Darrill Schoonover. For all his prowess as a stand-up fighter, Slice remains woefully unprepared on the ground. Such weaknesses cannot be masked in a matter of weeks.
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