Feuds, Beards & Cameroon Rule UFC 79

UFC 79

Dec 28, 2007
With another glorious year of MMA coming to a close, the UFC's last offering of 2007 stands poised to deliver some long overdue resolutions, plenty of quality beards and the UFC debut of MMA's answer to the Predator.

Headlined by a rubber match between archenemies Matt Hughes (Pictures) and Georges St. Pierre (Pictures) for the interim welterweight title, UFC 79 will also feature, at long last, the clash that MMA fans have spent the last half decade salivating over: Chuck Liddell (Pictures) versus Wanderlei Silva (Pictures).

Throw in a hotly anticipated showdown between the dreadlocked assassin Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou (Pictures) and Lyoto Machida (Pictures), as well as an undercard packed beyond the fire department-approved capacity, and come this Saturday night you better not care what Gisele Bundchen's boy toy does against the New York football Giants

So read on and learn all about the importance of beards in MMA, Antonio Inoki's mediocre management skills and the usual blend of analysis mixed with the usual array of Dennis Miller-isms. I never said I was original, just persistent.
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