K-1 MMA: Romanex Preview


May 20, 2004
Pro wrestlers and kickboxers battle under MMA rules on a card featuring everything: multiple UFC veterans, a pair of Inoki disciples and of course, a Gracie.

A new chapter of MMA begins this weekend as the #1 kickboxing promotion in the world delivers its first all mixed martial arts card in Japan. We’ll see an all-star affair that showcases top talent from both of the rival organizations.

The entire card breaks down as follows:

• Pro wrestlers Tom Howard and Dolgorsuren Serjbuddee go to war under MMA rules
• Antonio Inoki prodigy Ryoto Machida takes on kickboxer Sam Greco
• Royler Gracie squares off against Genki Sudo
• Nova Unio BJJ black belt B.J. Penn throws down with kickboxer Duane Ludwig
• Gary Goodridge rumbles with pro wrestler Sylvester Terkay
• Josh Barnett takes to the ring against kickboxer Rene Rooze
• Don Frye goes toe-to-toe with wrestler Yoshihiro Nakao
• Alexey Ignashov and Shinsuke Nakamura aim to settle an old score from last year’s NYE battle
• And in the headliner, former NFL lineman Bob Sapp and yet another Inoki creation, Kazuyuki Fujita, let’em fly under Japanese stars

Now for a closer look…

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