Middleweight Mayhem on HDNet Fights

Middleweight Mayhem

Dec 14, 2007
All you HD snobs out there in MMA land will get to see the evolution of Mark Cuban's latest gamble come Saturday on HDNet as well as the ever-growing monkey problem in MMA, mass proliferation of neck-beards and a good old fashioned thug-jitsu seminar.

Headlining is the leader of the Mayhem Monkeys, Jason "Mayhem" Miller, who will need all the help he can get against Army Ranger/professional fighter Tim Kennedy (Pictures), the man who makes us all look like unmotivated slobs.

Come for the mayhem and stay for the action as HDNet Fights (HDNet, Dec. 15, 8 p.m. ET) also has the usual blend of quality main card action with an undercard heavy on promising local talent.

So read on and get educated on why Gary Cherone didn't last in Van Halen and be sure to read the MMA stuff too. Everyone seems to be jumping on board with that lately.
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