“Mayhem” Christmas: Jury Says Miller Not Guilty

By James Meinhardt Dec 23, 2006
HONOLULU, Dec. 22 — A holiday gift came early for Jason “Mayhem” Miller in the form of a ‘Not Guilty’ verdict from a Honolulu jury on Friday.

Miller, who was facing up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine, was found not guilty on charges of first-degree burglary and assault in the third-degree after being arrested last December for allegedly breaking into his girlfriend’s house and attacking her male companion, Casey Hewes.

"I wasn't trying to hurt that guy,” Miller explained from the stand. “There is no way I was trying to hurt that guy."

After “accidentally” kicking in the apartment door, Miller says Hewes rushed towards him, apparently trying to use his high school wrestling skills to bring Miller to the ground.

"It looked kinda like a football tackle,” Miller testified. "He was trying to grab at me."

In a truly bizarre, but ultimately successful demonstration, Miller and his attorney, David Hayakawa, reenacted the fight on the courtroom floor. The two showed the jury what happened, and even pointed out a few techniques Miller could have used if he were truly trying to injure Hewes.

Miller claimed he only acted in self-defense after being tackled onto a futon, causing it to break and leaving the two men on the floor.

"Now I am stuck inside the futon and he starts gripping onto my head and jamming all of his shoulder meat into my face and covered up my nose and my mouth," said Miller, who turns 26 on Christmas Eve. “I couldn't breath at all … in a normal situation … you're not inside of a futon."

Not able to breathe, Miller says he bit Hewes’ arm to escape a headlock.

“I just want to … let everyone know that I’m getting my life back on track,” a relieved Miller told Hawaii’s KGMB9. “You know, [I’m] moving forward … with my career … with everything.”
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