Pride Shockwave 2 Preview

Ryo Chonan vs. Anderson Silva

Dec 28, 2004
CHONAN: Japanese Kyokushin Karate stylist Ryo Chonan is also a grappler and STYLE-G wrestler. He trains with Ryuki Ueyama, Kazuki Okubo, Kiyoshi Tamura and the rest of U-File Camp. He has a record of 8-4 in MMA and made his debut in the 2001 Pancrase Neo Blood Tournament. Chonan fought regularly for the DEEP promotion starting in ‘01 and he was 7-2 there with both losses coming via decision.

His first major victory was against Hayato Sakurai at Deep 12. It wasn’t Sakurai’s night as he had injured his back prior to the bout and did not get off well. Chonan landed some solid kicks from his back and the bout was stopped from an injury to Hayato’s eye. Ryo beat Daijiro Matsui by decision at Deep 13 and moved to Pride Bushido. At Bushido 3 he went the distance with “Big Dog” Ricardo Almeida and pushed the jiu-jitsu fighter in every round. Chonan returned to Bushido 5 and pulled the upset win over former UFC welterweight champ, Carlos Newton.

SILVA: Former Chute Boxe fighter Anderson Silva now represents the Muay Thai Dream Team. Carlson Gracie Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Penão and wrestling coach “He-Man” oversee the team’s groundwork. Silva is 12-2 in MMA and an accomplished Muay Thai fighter, recently winning his bout in the STORM Muay Thai Grand Prix by knocking out San Marino at the 2:57 of the first three-minute round.

Like his opponent Chonan, Silva made his big splash by bloodying up Hayato Sakurai and won a decision in SHOOTO. He took a decision from Tetsuji Kato five months earlier. Silva has done most of his damage in the Rudimar Fedrigo-promoted Meca Vale Tudo event where he competed in five of the first six events and has a record of 4-1.

In Brazil, the best competition he faced was Claudionor “Demolition Man” Fontinelle and Anderson knocked him out. Silva was scheduled to face Brazilian Top Team fighter Paulo Filho, but last minute changes forced a match with Alex Steibling. Anderson wasted little time pounding “The Brazilian Killa” as their match went less than 90 seconds.

At Pride 22 he fought battle-tested Alexander Otsuka and won a decision victory over the Japanese fighter. And at Pride 25 Silva KO’d Canadian grappler Carlos Newton. The bout was originally scheduled to take place in the UFC in 2001 but visa issues kept Silva from heading to the U.S. and making his Octagon debut.

Silva was submitted for the first time in his professional career by Daiju Takase in a stunning upset at Pride 26. But true to his nature, Anderson rebounded well and has gone 3-0 dating back to June of ’03. He beat an experienced Jeremy Horn by decision in the Korea-based Gladiator Fighting Championships and followed it up with a decision win over tough Lee Murray at Cage Rage 8 in England.

MY PICK: Tough call. This should be a great bout and it almost didn’t happen. The original match-up of Chonan-Crosley Gracie and a Silva-Hayato Sakurai rematch were scrapped and this one finally got the green light. I’m picking Silva. We know Anderson can hang with a good grappler (Horn), but can Chonan last with a premier striker? Silva by TKO from knees in the first round.

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