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By Mike Sloan Jan 2, 2010
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Pat Miletich: I feel Rashad will bounce back nicely from his loss to Machida. It’s never a good idea to fight a tough guy that’s coming off a loss. Rashad can decide where the fight takes place, and I feel he learned his lesson by not using his wrestling against Machida. As long as Rashad remembers what got him to the dance, he will be fine. I don’t expect Rashad to wrestle all the time, but fighters who don’t mix it up when they fight become too predictable. Rashad is the better athlete and should be fine if he keeps Silva guessing and keeps his chin down. Rashad’s note to self: “This is a fight and not a boxing match, and I can wrestle.”

Apollo Sebastian: This is a tough fight for Rashad, and he cannot fight Thiago the way he fought Machida at his last fight by just bouncing around and being passive. I am very sure this time around “Master Yoda,” Greg Jackson, will prepare Rashad with an awesome game plan and will pull off a unanimous decision at the end.

Shonie Carter: Evans by boring decision.

Ben Saunders: Thiago Silva wins by KO.

Scott Bieri: Rashad is undersized and definitely not as scary as Thiago Silva, but his movement, counterstriking and wrestling get him the W.

Tom Gavrilos: Rashad is going to be too athletic, too fast, and his superior wrestling will allow him to dictate where this fight goes. Rashad by decision.

Dan Evensen: Rashad by decision.

Cale Yarbrough: I’m going with Thiago Silva by split decision. I’ve had the privilege to train with Thiago a couple of times, and the dude hits hard. I see him out-striking Rashad for most of the fight while Rashad tries to take him down.

Benji Radach: It’s hard to say. Evans has better boxing and is faster, but I think Thiago is tougher. I pick Thiago.

Jason Dent: I see Rashad winning this one by decision. I think the striking will be somewhat equal, but I believe Rashad’s ability to score his takedowns will steal him the fight. This is how I see this fight playing out, but, like everybody else, I would love to see a decisive finish to end the fight.

Josh Barnett: Rashad will score with heavy shots early, and the TKO will come from ground-and-pound within two.

Adam Singer: Two top 205ers, two top camps and two fighters with KO losses -- their only losses -- to the same guy. What more can you ask for? This fight will come down to who can control the range, Thiago and his powerful striking and counter wrestling or Rashad and his wrestling and strong top game ground-and-pound. I think Thiago starts to land and Rashad makes a mistake, with Thiago winning by TKO in the third round.

Ryan White: I think it’s going to be a good fight. I think Silva will be looking for the knockout, but I think Evans will take Silva down and work some ground-and-pound. I see Evans winning, TKO round two.

Billy MacDonald: If Rashad comes out looking to make a statement in this fight, I think that it could come back to bite him. Silva will be looking for a chance to put his heavy hands on Evans. I think Greg Jackson will have Rashad ready for this fight and will be the calming influence to keep Rashad from getting too cocky, as well. Even though I see Rashad taking this one via decision, I’m suggesting that he gives himself an extra nipple tweak just to be sure.

Stephane Vigneault: All my heart is with Rashad. I meet him a lot because he comes sometimes to train with us in Montreal. I think Rashad don’t want to lose another fight and is gonna give everything to win that one and get back on the good road for the title. But Silva is tough and very aggressive and very dangerous. I see Rashad stopping Silva by strikes -- TKO in round two.

Shamar Bailey: This fight is very hard to call. I think it will come down to if Silva can deal with Rashad’s speed and defend the takedown. Logic would have Rashad winning by having a wider arsenal, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Silva will catch Rashad en route to victory.

Blake Bowman: I’m gonna have to give you the ol’ “undecided” cop out answer. Thiago is really good on the ground, and ATT love is strong with me, but Rashad is really awesome. Good fight. Another one I’m lucky to be able to see in person.

Pros who picked Evans: 20
Pros who picked Silva: 9
Pros who could not decide: 2

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