The Doggy Bag: The Georges and Anderson Edition

Money Talks

By Staff Nov 25, 2012

I find it very surprising that people are still pushing for the Georges St. Pierre-Anderson Silva fight, even after GSP pretty much scoffed at the idea in the cage following his bout at UFC 154. Wasn’t it obvious that this guy wants no part of Anderson? It’s like people can’t read between the lines at all. I would be shocked if GSP wasn’t in there with Johny Hendricks next. -- Ryan from Louisville

Brian Knapp, features editor: Let me start by saying I find both fights appealing, St. Pierre-Silva for obvious reasons and St. Pierre-Hendricks because the man they call “Bigg Rigg” has earned his place at the title bout table.

Anyone with a brain can see that St. Pierre seems far less excited about a showdown with “The Spider” than UFC President Dana White. Who can blame him? Silva is much larger, looks all but unbeatable and has been known to rearrange a face or two with his feet, fists, elbows and knees. He also figures to be a significant favorite if the super fight indeed becomes a reality.

St. Pierre just cleared two significant physical and emotional hurdles in Montreal: a 19-month layoff after a serious knee injury and a worthy challenger’s ferocious bid to unseat him. At 31, he has worked long and hard to cement himself as a mainstream draw and one of MMA’s all-time best. It is understandable that St. Pierre comes off as touchy and disconnected when talk turns to a risky fight outside his weight class and comfort zone. He, like the rest of the MMA world, saw Rich Franklin’s nose after UFC 64.

As it stands now, I can envision no scenario -- outside of injury -- in which the Silva-St. Pierre blockbuster does not happen in 2013. Money talks, and so does pressure from one’s boss. What you may see is a compromise in which the UFC allows St. Pierre to face Hendricks before a meeting with Silva later in the year. Make no mistake, when White sees dollar signs at the gate and at the pay-per-view window, he generally gets what he wants, particularly when the fighters in question are under UFC contract. One has to believe he will do everything within his considerable power to see that this opportunity does not slip away.

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