Sherdog’s Top 10: Best MMA Fights of All-Time

Garcia vs. Jung

By Mike Sloan Jun 16, 2016

5. Leonard Garcia vs. Chan Sung Jung 1
WEC 48

An overlooked promotion even after the UFC purchased it, the WEC was known to the hardcore for putting on some of the most exciting fights in the sport and this is arguably the crown jewel. Garcia, who typically eschewed technique for wild exchanges, met his equal in “The Korean Zombie.”

It wasn’t long into their battle before the duo threw all skill out the window and unleashed a whirlwind of bombs, winging haymakers from every angle imaginable until Garcia was dropped. Jung swarmed him but he was quickly caught in an armbar from the bottom, though he escaped. When the battle got back to the feet, “Bad Boy” was busted up but he didn’t care.

The next two rounds saw the combatants dishing out and receiving enough punishment to fill an entire fight card, but it appeared as though Jung had done enough to win the decision when the smoke cleared. However, Garcia was awarded the split decision, much to the chagrin of the crowd. Still, it was a war for the ages and remains one of the best MMA fights ever.

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