Sherdog’s Top 10: Pride Knockouts

No. 6

By Mike Sloan Jul 28, 2015

6. Igor Vovchanchyn vs. Francisco Bueno
Pride 8
Nov. 21, 1999 | Tokyo

Vovchanchyn was a popular figure back in the day because he usually won in decisive fashion and his fights were rarely stinkers. He scored plenty of knockouts and nabbed wins over much better opponents than Bueno, a man he was expected to beat, but this KO stands out in the crowd.

Buneo was a bit tentative against “Ice Cold,” and he eventually was out cold when Vovchanchyn drilled him. Bueno mistakenly backed himself into a corner and tried to keep Vovchanchyn away, but it was no use. The Ukrainian bomber missed with his left hook, but his follow-up right over the top found its mark. Once it connected, Bueno was done. He fell as stiff as a telephone pole, and Vovchanchyn leveled him with another right hand just to make sure his work was complete. Vovchanchyn continued on with his career, while Bueno fought only four more times before retiring.

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