American Top Team Supports Miami Children’s Hospital

By Greg Savage Dec 3, 2013

Bella is an extremely fun loving and active 7 year-old girl. She enjoys dancing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, piano, and playing with her friends -- just like your average child. But, what is extraordinary about Bella is that she had to fight a battle for her life at the young age of two. She won that battle, but in the process lost her sight. So, while she takes dance lessons, BJJ classes and plays piano she does so without the ability to see -- in our book that makes her extraordinary.

Bella's parents, Ricardo and Misti Liborio, saw a few warning signs during Bella's early years of life but were constantly assured by doctors that she was just fine. However, once the Liborio family were referred to Miami Children's Hospital and Dr. Israel Alfonso she was quickly diagnosed with Cranial Synosis and Crouzen's Syndrome. Bella underwent her first of three major scull reconstructive surgeries within a week of her first visit.

Because of the Liborios' gratefulness towards Miami Children's Hospital for saving their child's life they are combining efforts with American Top Team for this fundraising campaign.

Bella continues to be followed by the Miami Children's Hospital's cranial facial team. The Liborios go to MCH once a year for follow-ups. If you chose to donate to the Little Warriors fundraising campaign you will directly help children like Bella and families like the Liborios.


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