Does Conor McGregor Have A Chance Against Floyd Mayweather?

Aug 23, 2017
(SPONSORED CONTENT) -- If you ask any boxing fan -- or listen to the experts rant on television -- Conor McGregor doesn’t stand a chance against Floyd Mayweather. So why are we all so enthralled by this superfight? Why are the oddsmakers at projecting an OVER/UNDER bet on 5 million pay-per-view buys with actual odds if this is such a done deal?

The unknown is why we love sports. The Patriots can come back from being down 3-28. The Warriors can overcome a deficit of 1-3 in a series against the generation’s best player. The Cubs can overcome a century-old curse. This is sports and we absolutely love to believe. It’s part of the pulse and the beat goes on.

The oddsmakers have set McGregor winning the fight via decision at a long +2000, which essentially means that it’s a pretty unlikely outcome. Think about it. If you’re an NFL betting fan, a comparable bet is the Houston Texans winning the Super Bowl. It’s not a terrible bet, but it’s not a very good one with everything that you know.

Of course, betting on the impossible is how you make things interesting. It’s fair to say that we’ve never seen a fight like this. McGregor is a dominant champion in the UFC, but that’s a different game compared to stand-up boxing, which takes years to master. All this being said, McGregor has skyrocketed up the charts based on the idea that he defies measure.

This is to say that McGregor is the type of animal that is almost worth the gamble. has listed McGregor with +450 odds to win via knockout, or +800 odds to do what he predicted and drop Mayweather for good in the first four rounds.

Let’s not forget that when we doubted McGregor against Diaz the second time, he dominated the matchup. Do not overlook the fact that McGregor dropped the best pound-for-pound athlete in all of mixed martial arts in 13 seconds when his left hand connected with Jose Aldo’s chin. If there’s any fighter out there who has the moxy to hand Mayweather his first loss, it certainly feels like it’s McGregor.

Truthfully that’s what this fight is all about. The myth of the “puncher’s chance”. That any man with two hands and a stone heart can step up to another and test him like he’s never been before. This is the beauty of sport. And we’re not talking about any underdog here either. We are talking about Conor McGregor, a man who is fearlessly stepping in-between the ropes to take on one of the most dangerous boxers of all time.

Are you willing to walk on the wildside? Would you love to be the man who told all of your friends “I told you so” and have the bet slip to prove it? This is the type of dare that a legend like Conor McGregor elicits. He implores you to join him on his mission. If you’re willing to stand by him, then there is cold, hard cash to be made.

After all, Conor is getting paid for this. Why aren’t you? has created an unbelievably fun slate of prop bets for Mayweather-McGregor that you have to see to believe!


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