Fedor Emelianenko Accepts That He Is Not The Greatest Heavyweight Ever

Jul 12, 2017
(SPONSORED CONTENT) -- Within the last couple of weeks, the world of MMA Fighting has witnessed some form of feather ruffling. Well, many people will say that this is good. At least it sells the game to more punters, making the use of online mma betting odds more imperative.

No one will ever argue about the greatness of Fedor Emelianenko and B.J. Penn in the combat sports game. We all understand the level of force applied in this game and how it affects the human body, making it a game most suited for young bloods. But there’s always the tendency for the old guns to want to remain in the game for as long as they can. That’s why the two mentioned veterans have refused to go.

The defeat of the two in recent weeks at the hands of younger bloods has raised yet another question as to whether it’s time for them to walk away. Remember that it’s always better to do this when the ovation is loudest. This is even after Emelianenko’s previous fight saw him win under controversial circumstances after he was thoroughly beaten by Fabio Maldonado.

The call for Emelianenko’s retirement has gained more weight when Alistair Overeem joined the fray. He posited that he has nothing but love and admiration for Emelianenko, but that he has already thought about quitting.

For him, when you come out with a good performance, you may shelve the talk about retirement. But when all you do is come to the ring and lose, and when any bet on you at oddsdigger.com will be a suicide mission, then you should consider quitting.

Observing the level he’s competing at, and the results he churned out, the old man is doing a disservice to his image. He says he doesn’t know what the people around Emelianenko are telling him. For him, the man is making good money from these fights. So, he does not know if money's the motivation to keep fighting.

  He went further to talk about Emelianenko's profile and legacy. The man has been dubbed the greatest ever in the sport because of his immaculate 10-year record where he has not experienced any legitimate loss. He has also won and defended the Pride Heavyweight Titles within the period.

But for Overeem, tagging him the greatest ever is presumptuous because when the Pride was brought out in 2006 by the UFC, Emelianenko shied away from fighting him on several occasions. For Overeem, the UFC immediately was made open, and Emelianenko ran away from fighting him as the Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion.

This, however, did not go well with some of Fedor’s die-hard fans, and they went to town trying to counter Overeem’s claims.

But most of them got their shock treatment when the man came out to admit this. While many people consider him the greatest there has ever been, he does not consider himself to be so. For him, a fighter is always going to lose at any time. For him, some of the fighters defending some medals are better than him in some techniques.

He also attested to the fact that the platform to fight is not always the difference, but the opponent being fought. He later admitted that he fought some of the best opponents in the UFC.

But the question is since he has admitted that the opponent is the real deal, why then did he refuse to fight Overeem who was one of the best at the time.

Of course, many men will rather run away from a fight that is meant to ridicule them. But, that will only make them great in the real world, not in the ring. It makes them weak in the ring.
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