Illegal Elbows End ShoXC Early

By Caesar Garcia and Dave Mandel Mar 22, 2008
SANTA YNEZ, Calif., March 21 -- It wasn't the way he envisioned it, but Thomas Denny (Pictures) came out the victor over Sasiprapa Malaipet (Pictures) Friday night in the main event of Showtime's ShoXC card at the Chumash Casino.

After being on the wrong end of illegal elbows from the muay Thai specialist, Denny won by disqualification. Denny seemed to be well on his way to winning the fight in conventional fashion, as he came out and immediately went after Malaipet, backing him up with a series punches before putting him on his back.

Denny then went to work and managed to take Malaipet's back. With little effort he sunk in a deep rear-naked choke. Malaipet, his face visibly turning red, refused to tap out and miraculously managed escape the submission.

Ending up in full-mount, "The Wildman" took advantage of Malaipet's inexperience on the ground and worked on an arm-triangle choke. Malaipet escaped that choke attempt also, so Denny gave up on submissions and began dropping elbows.

Malaipet received serious damage to his face, but the Thai fighter never stopped working to escape. Back on the feet, Malaipet looked to stand and trade against the Victorville fighter but Denny wasn't having any of that and immediately shot for a takedown.

With his back pinned to the fence as Denny fought for a takedown, Malaipet unleashed three elbow shots that connected perfectly to the back of Denny's head. The veteran Californian immediately crumpled to the canvas in agonizing pain.

After taking a few minutes to recover, Denny told the cage-side doctor that he could not safely continue. The 160-pound contest was called at 4:51 of the first round.

"I'm sorry because I came here to fight, but this is MMA and you have to follow the rules,'' Denny said. "I may have been dazed but I wasn't knocked out. One thing I could not do, however, was move my neck.''

Huen wins decision

In the crowd's eyes Conor Huen lost to Marlon Mathias. However, he won it where it mattered -- with the judges.

It was as close as a unanimous decision could get.

Mathias, who fights under the Chute Boxe banner, represented the gym's flag well. He practically sprinted towards Huen off the opening bell, unleashing an overhand left that caught Huen's attention.

For a moment it seemed like Huen was willing to trade with Mathias. He soon paid the price, however, eating a straight left that covered his nose with blood.

Scrapping that plan, Huen decided to put his jiu-jitsu skills to work. He controlled the second period by securing takedowns and working over Mathias on the floor.

Mathias boxed in the third, at one point landing a straight left that snapped Huen's head backwards.

Huen, who suffered a broken jaw during the bout according to EliteXC, took the fight to the ground again. Mathias scrambled around, got another sweep but almost got caught in an armbar, which he easily escaped.

Huen took Mathias down one more time before the final bell. Mathias looked like the busier fighter of the two, and was clearly the crowd favorite. When the scores were announced the crowd booed mercilessly.

"I am very disappointed in the decision,'' Mathias said. "I inflicted the most damage and landed the most punches. I definitely won two of the three rounds."

Other results

In the third round of their light heavyweight fight, Jamie Fletcher landed an overhand right that sent Aaron Rosa (Pictures) crashing down to the canvas. Fletcher was unable to finish Rosa, but the psychological damage was done and Fletcher applied pressure the rest of the fight. Scores were 30-27 twice and 29-28.

Shane Del Rosario pounded out Analu Brash (Pictures) at 3:18 of the first round. After exchanging on their feet to start the fight, Del Rosario dropped Brash with a perfectly placed low kick. Del Rosario followed Brash down and began punishing him from inside his guard. Upon a series of punches and elbows, Del Rosario leaned on his right hand and began throwing lefts with all his might to a covered up Brash.

After landing a few shots, Del Rosario briefly looked up to the referee. Realizing the referee had not yet decided to stop the fight, Del Rosario continued his left hand assault before the fight was called.

Hawaiian Mark Oshiro (Pictures) knocked out the undefeated Chris Cariaso (Pictures) with an short right hook that landed flush to his chin. Cariaso landed on his back, where Oshiro pounced on him until the referee jumped in and stopped the fight. Time of the stop was 2:38 of the first round.

Brandon Tarn ruined Jason Williams' debut by choking him out at 1:05 of the second round.

In his professional debut, Devin Howard submitted Mark Kempthorne with a rear-naked choke at 2:53 of the first round.

Lyle ‘Fancy Pants' Beerbohm remained undefeated by submitting Vince Guzman (Pictures) with a rear-naked choke at 3:26 of the second round.

Kenny ‘The Poet' Johnson took home a unanimous decision victory over Michael Penafiel. Johnson used his explosive takedowns and superior wrestling to control Penafiel on the ground.

Steve Gable pounded out Eric Jones at 2:47 of the first round.
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