MM-Eh! News and Notes from Canada

By Andy Cotterill Oct 24, 2007
Jason MacDonald (Pictures) and Kalib Starnes (Pictures) both dropped middleweight bouts Saturday in Cincinnati, losing to stiff competition from Yushin Okami (Pictures) and Alan Belcher (Pictures) respectively.

With a potential meeting against UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva on the line, MacDonald went the distance with Okami, but he wasn't able to enforce his game plan and dropped a unanimous decision.

Prior to the fight, the Albertan had told that he wanted to push the pace and try to take Okami out of his comfort zone. Unfortunately for MacDonald that didn't happen.

"I tried my best but wasn't able to do that, and he basically made me fight his fight," MacDonald said.

What's next for "The Athlete" is uncertain, but MacDonald has made it known that a matchup with Kendall Grove (Pictures)s may be warranted. He claims that Groves has been calling him out for a while.

British Columbia's Kalib Starnes (Pictures) showed vastly improved boxing skills in his battle with Alan Belcher (Pictures). However, a deep laceration over his right eye through which his skull could be seen forced the cageside doctor to stop the bout in the second round.

After the stoppage Starnes screamed at his corner, stating that he had wanted to fight and that the doctor could see his skull.

Starnes also posted the following in the Sherdog forums:

I got hit with an elbow early in the first round. In the second round the ref stopped the action so the doctor could look at the cut. The doctor said "How is your vision?" I said "There's blood in my eye." Yves Lavigne said, "If you say you can't see he'll stop the fight." I said, "I can see, there's no problem, I want to fight." The doctor spread the cut open with his thumbs and said "I can see his skull, I'm stopping it." I said "I want to continue" and looked at my cornerman. My cornerman was staring at my cut and yelling "Why are you stopping the fight?", "What are you doing?" His comments were directed at the referee, but because he was staring at me, I was confused. That is why I became so angry, because I did not quit, and I thought that he was accusing me of quitting. We sorted things out afterwards. That's something that bothers me a lot after Ken Shamrock (Pictures) said that I was not injured on that show when I had a serious injury. I still take a lot of heat for that son-of-a-b----'s ignorant comments.

After the fight Yves Lavigne came up to me and said "I don't know why he stopped it, you did everything right, you told him you wanted to continue. The fight was close you were right there I would not have stopped it". "Stitch" and "House" the official UFC cutmen said the same thing. I haven't heard the color commentary yet but it seems to have confused some people. I'm extremely disappointed with what happened, I had a lot more fight in me, I have never been cut like that in a fight. That's what happened, if you want to corroborate the story just ask the referee. Congratulations Alan Belcher (Pictures), I hope you'll give me a rematch.

Hardcore Championship Fighting Results

Calgary's Stampede Corral played host Friday to rookie organization HCF's biggest event, with Aleksander Emelianenko (Pictures) defeating the monstrous Dan Bobish (Pictures) by standing guillotine choke just a minute into the first round.

Fedor Emelianenko (Pictures), the perpetually top-ranked heavyweight, joined his brother in Calgary. Reports suggest Fedor had a great time, even managing to crack a slight smile.

PRIDE veteran Gegard Mousasi (Pictures) made it look easy against Croatian Damir Mirenic, defending takedown attempts before mounting him and winning by TKO.

After the way Thomas Schulte (Pictures) lost to Jonathan Goulet (Pictures) in February -- the defeat was overturned and ruled a No Contest -- you might think he'd hesitate to fight again in Canada.

Schulte didn't show any nerves, however. He impressively maintained his triangle choke on Ariel Sexton despite a six-foot high slam and won in less than a minute, claiming the HCF lightweight belt.

Victoria, British Columbia's Sarah Kaufman lived up to her hype, winning exchanges with the Josh Barnett (Pictures) cornered Ginele Marques on the feet and also dominating on the ground. Kaufman kept her undefeated record and captured the HCF women's bantamweight title.

UFC veteran Sean Salmon (Pictures) came in as a replacement for Edwin Dewees (Pictures) and looked very strong against transplanted Brazilian and Capoeira specialist Marcus Vinicios. The American garnered a TKO from the crucifix position.

Extreme Cage Combat 6 Aftermath

ECC 6 put on another great event in Halifax this weekend. In the main event, American Top Team's Lew Polley gave local favorite Roger Hollett (Pictures) the first defeat of his career. Afterward Polley showed class by persevering through the boos of the audience and stating that he was looking forward to defending his new ECC world light heavyweight title with integrity and dignity.

As for Hollett, the injury to his knee that was reported in's event report has been confirmed as a dislocation, which will knock Hollett out of competition until at least March. Hollett told MM-eh! that his leg is in a splint, and although it's still really sore, he'll be better soon. The injury will preclude him from his planned defense of his MFC light heavyweight title on Nov. 23.

One of the ECC participants will be on the MFC card, however, as Stjepan Vujnovic (Pictures) told that he'll be facing Ryan McGillivray in a welterweight fight.

No UFC in Montreal in January

Despite the best intentions of UFC President Dana White to bring his organization to Canada in 2008, his first attempt at doing so has fallen through.

Although White said he found a rare available Saturday date for Montreal's Bell Centre, he also said that once the UFC's negotiations with HBO fell through, so did his plans for Montreal.

With the NHL's Montreal Canadiens taking top priority for the Bell Centre, it's not likely that the UFC will be able to visit until after the NHL season, which will be in the summer months of June to September depending on how far the Habs go into the playoffs.

This conflicts with the hopes of many that Georges St. Pierre (Pictures) would face in Montreal the winner of December's title fight between Matt Serra (Pictures) and Matt Hughes (Pictures). Assuming a three- to four-month break between title fights, St. Pierre wouldn't face the winner until March or April -- prime hockey season.

More than likely, though, "Rush" will fight in Montreal in July or August if the UFC secures a date. Whether he'll have regained his welterweight title is yet to be seen.

King Of The Cage Canada Update

KOTC Canada remains the undisputed busiest MMA organization in the country. This weekend saw "Brawl In The Mall 2" take place in the world largest shopping center, the West Edmonton Mall.

Next up will be "Battlescar" in Calgary's Stampede Corral on Nov. 3 and then "November Rain" in Nanaimo's Frank Crane Arena on Nov. 17.

Rumble In The Cage 26

This weekend RITC will once again be hitting Lethbridge's Enmax Centre, this time with an unheard of 22 scheduled bouts -- eight professional and 14 amateur. In what is perhaps the first father-son pairing on an MMA card, the main event will feature RITC and Canadian Martial Arts Centre owner Lee Mein (Pictures), whose son Jordan Mein will fight on the undercard.

Professional Bouts:

Lee Mein (Pictures) vs. Chris Peak
Jason Day vs. Shawn Marchand (Pictures)
Dan Chambers (Pictures) vs. Jason Randle
Jared Kilkenny (Pictures) vs. Dwayne Lewis
Jordan Mein vs. Adam Thomas
Cody Petrovic vs. Mike Richardson
Bob Kelerman vs. Sean Baur
Shawn Merkl vs. Chris Burns

Mahood makes statement on Steroid charge

British Columbia's Bill Mahood (Pictures) tested positive for the anabolic steroid Drostanolone following his first-round defeat to Bobby Southworth (Pictures) in Strikeforce at the Playboy Mansion on Sep. 29. He released the following statement:

I was very surprised with an early morning phone call by a reporter from the Fight Network asking about the CSAC recent suspension. As I had yet to hear anything from the CSAC I had nothing to say. Since that call I have spoken to officials with the CSAC to determine the situation. As it sits I tested positive for a "barley discernible" level of Drostanone (an anabolic agent). I did in fact start the use of an anabolic agent approximately the 3rd week in August. This was at a time that I thought I was done fighting and was suffering from a chronic joint inflammation of my hip. I ingested only 2 doses of the agent prior to being offered the "Playboy Mansion" fight. I did not want to miss the opportunity of fighting for a great promoter like StrikeForce and especially at the "Playboy Mansion". I immediately discontinued the use of the agent, knowing full well the reputation of the CSAC and not wanting to be yet "another busted athlete". I was convinced that there would be nothing left in my system long before fight day and that I would not garner any performance enhancing benefit from only two doses. I believe that the CSAC own result of "barley discernible" levels backs up this statement. I am not sure how I should feel in this situation, I did start to use the substance as an anti inflammatory BUT at the time had no intentions of competing. I do believe that there was no benefit from the amount ingested. Yet, I still tested positive and for that I would like to apologize to Strikeforce, Bodogfight, and the sport of MMA in general. I will continue to work hard to further the sport of MMA as a promoter, trainer and manager but it is unlikely I will continue to fight due to chronic reoccurring injuries.
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