Nozawa, Kaminishi Victorious at MARS 9

By Jason Nowe and Stephen Martinez Oct 13, 2007
TOKYO, Oct .13 -- MARS, the relative newcomer on the Japanese MMA scene, held its "Blown Away" event within the confines of fighting hotspot Shinjuku FACE, located in the center of Tokyo's seedy red light district. The card, featuring several Brazilian and Korean fighters, was a combination of MMA fights, kickboxing bouts and the debut of the "Blast Bout" banner in which fighters wore MMA gloves for kickboxing matches.

In the main event, Stand gym's Hiroyuki Nozawa (Pictures) squared off against Korean fighter Do Hyung Kim (Pictures).

Nozawa was coming off a TKO loss to Pancrase veteran Koji Oishi (Pictures) 10 months ago. Around the same time, Kim defeated both Akihiko Mori (Pictures) and Atsuhiro Tsuboi (Pictures) to take the MARS 154-pound tournament.

Kim looked good early with takedowns, but the Korean couldn't really capitalize on the advantage before Nozawa managed to get back to his feet.

In the last two minutes of the first, it looked as if Kim was close to victory, slapping a good heelhook on his Japanese opponent. However, Nozawa defended the technique, eventually escaping to top position.

From there Nozawa turned the tables. The Pancrase veteran unleashed a flurry of punches down on Kim, who tried to move but just couldn't seem to get away from the shots. In the last 30 seconds, Nozawa took the mount and continued to hammer away on his hapless opponent. With a stoppage seemingly only seconds away, the bell rang to end the round.

The second round began with Kim bleeding from a cut that Nozawa opened at the end of the previous round. Both fighters traded fists, with Kim's cut getting worse and worse. Eventually, at the 2:10 mark, referee Wada stopped the action and signaled for a doctor check. Kim could not continue, giving Nozawa the hard-fought victory.

Axis Jiu-jitsu's Cristiano Kaminishi (Pictures) put his undefeated record on the line against Korean Top Team's Ji Hoon Kim.

Both fighters started out cautiously in this one, jousting before locking up in a clinch. Off the break, Kaminishi tried to put his opponent to sleep with flying knees, but Kim defended, eventually scoring the takedown and ending up in guard.

On his back the jiu-jitsu expert Kaminishi bided his time. Before long he had his Korean foe close to a triangle. Kim tried to escape, but the Brazilian eventually locked on the technique, forcing Kim to tap around the halfway point of the first.

DEEP veteran Takanori Onda (Pictures) made pretty quick work of Shock Combat's Eduardo Maiorino.

After giving up side control following a slip on his very first kick, Onda worked Maiorino back into his guard before getting back to the feet. Once standing the Japanese fighter connected with a vicious punch that sent Maiorino stunned to the mat. From there Onda made no mistake, easily passing to side on his dazed opponent and firing down punches until the referee stopped the fight 2:11 into the first round.

The fighter known as Parky further evidenced the strength of Korean MMA in his bout against the Brazilian fighter called Animal Animal (Pictures).

Animal came out strong, swinging big haymakers. The Korean dodged most of the shots and eventually locked up his opponent in a clinch. Parky then proceeded to fire some well-placed knees to Animal, connecting a hellacious one right to his jaw while his head was down, which badly stunned him.

Sensing the end was near, Parky followed up with a big right hand that sent Animal to the mat. The Korean fighter sealed the deal with a couple of ground punches before the referee came in to stop the fight at the 1:37 mark of the first, giving Parky the KO victory.

Infight Japan's Samuel Raposo Kinoshita and Muay Thai Dream Team's Anderson Sato came out swinging. Both threw caution to the wind on their feet, punching wildly with no defense at all. After each punching session, the two Brazilians would wind up in a clinch, where Kinoshita showed his dominance, scoring Greco-Roman takedowns almost at will.

On the ground, Kinoshita displayed his ground game, always passing his opponent's legs and getting to side control. But before he could inflict damage, Sato would bridge hard and get back to his feet.

Kinoshita had a good armbar attempt in the closing seconds of the first, and when the fighters came out for the second round, Sato was obviously tired. It wasn't long before Kinoshita scored a takedown and worked his way to side control.

The Brazilian then transitioned to Sato's back, eventually sinking in the rear-naked choke for the win.
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